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Natural Odor Removers

May 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

natural odor removers
natural odor reducer for cats?

Ok, so two days ago my cat got sprayed by a skunk. I bought a stripper skunk odor safe for cats and bathed in 3 times. It significantly reduces the odor of the skunk at the point where you can feel so you turn your nose up his fur. So I washed as in Johnson's baby soap (and to get the skunk out dissolving it). It worked well, leaving hair soft and clean, but it still smells a bit. Now I want to get rid of the odor completely without him to inflict pain and terror to wash again. I thought if I put on some fresh orange peel or somehow get on him without traumatizing it neutralize smell, but I was wondering what other plants or other natural SAFE thing I can rub on him if I should wash it. My cat is my best friend and I want to be able to snuggle with him again for all answers are appreciated

Tomato juice is a very good thing to use to rid of the smell of skunk spray.

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Odor Removers

May 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

odor removers
Knowledge of revenue for homeade deodorant for pets?

Hello, anyone know recipe for homeade odor neutralizers Pet .. Something that I can keep in a spray bottle whenever I need it. Thank you to respond better, ** award **

do you mean for your home, or the animal itself, such as buying a ferret "deodorant"? because If you mean your house, then I'd go with baking soda, or leave a saucer of salt in the room during the night. I use these two methods. But You can dilute the baking soda in hot water in a spray and use it regularly on problem areas, which (like the person above told me that sprays to mask the odor) will absorb deeper into the carpet with baking soda dry, and can be left to dry naturally without problems to dry.

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