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Office Cleaning Jobs In Chicago

June 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

office cleaning jobs in chicago
Where can I get the night Cleaning Jobs? I can clean the offices, shops, etc. Please help. I live in Chicago?

I begin by placing "Free" ads in Chicago Reader 3A3% 3A192% and subsection = oid and (Be sure to place it in the "local" section is not "national" I would also check their "job" ad while you're there. When placing free classified ads, be sure to list what part of town you're ready to work, for example in the north, south, etc. Or, put the name of the community you are willing to work in. enumerate some of your skills. Do not put $ $ $ in the ad. What you can negotiate later. I would also take a flyer on your computer. Take them to local shops, businesses, etc. work around the house would be beneficial with gas prices the way they are small and are more likely to pay you cash. See jewelry or store in your neighborhood Dominick. See if they are hiring night shift. Good luck!

On Madison & Pulaski creating jobs in the City of Chicago


Cleaning Jobs In Chicago

February 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning jobs in chicago
What can I expect from a cleaning lady?

I would really like to find a good housekeeper who I can trust my stuff and makes a thorough job. Is it possible to find someone who will go well with my desire to use Natural Cleaning Products instead of toxic? What are the general rates in the suburbs of Chicago for a 3 bedroom house? Does anyone know where to find a maid?

Chicago rates would be tricky. I lived up there. I charge $ 15 hour and live in a small Kansas town. I have been using whatever the owner wants, it must provide them for me and I did not take them with me from place to place. run an ad and interviews. You can clean with you one or two times you can be in the house and have its own another domain. Make a list and so if it ends or simply going the extra mile. the first time you must go around with her and explain or check after she had a box to see if its ok. Let them know all this in the interview that they know if it is not acceptable that this is a one time. I like my customers tell me approximately how long they want me to spend each time. This way, if they have a budget, we do not blow with the first cleaning of the month. Most of my houses are made each week. If you have a lot to do Once you have perhaps more often depending on what you have her do – dishes, laundry or general things, and not the substance daily. on wages, you must decide before you start doing a lot of you it would be interesting for someone to make it more relaxing for you to return home. You should ask what they want and from there. Sometimes they will be willing to negoiate but if you want too cheap, they do not think you see a cleaning lady as a real job.

Bobby Jindal has the only state that creats job growth – notice the voters kicked out the democrat