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Cleaning Paint Brushes Oil Paint

March 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning paint brushes oil paint
Some tips for cleaning the brushes when you used based paint in oil?

I have never used latex paint, but then I'm used to just to rinse the paint OUT. But this is not working with the oil painting …. he clings!

Yes, the oil-based paints will cling to the hair if you try to clean it with water. You should clean oil paints with mineral spirits. Make sure you cover all the hair with mineral spirits and make sure you wash the brush thoroughly. Clean it until you no longer see the paint out of hair when you press the brush. Oh, and make sure you use a brush that is for oil based paints – Are not simply assume that the brush you used for latex paint will work for oil-based paints. After cleaning your brush hang to dry as you would with any brush that has been freshly cleaned.

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Oil Painting Cleaning Brushes

February 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

oil painting cleaning brushes
What is the best way to clean brushes used (average oil)?

The above response is impressive. I use odorless turpentine and have for years. I put in a 1 pound coffee can, at the bottom of the box is one thing to brush, it suspends the brush in the Turp the handle, so your hair does not Jack. Most art supply stores carry them, they look like a coiled spring just sorta.

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Oil Painting Cleaning

January 13, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

oil painting cleaning
What can I use to clean brushes after oil painting other than turpentine?

I mean there are other something I can use .. I mean like baby oil or something that I can find at home?

Walnut oil can be used to clean brushes. (It can be used as a drying oil to mix with oil paints.) I took a class in which the instructor was very sensitive to the smell of turpentine and "odorless mineral spirits (WHO). In the classroom, I used a clean brush safe ( For transportation of walnut oil, although the whole jar glass with a metal screw on the lid would have worked. I also used pictures of Mr. Graham of oil that the binder is walnut oil ( ). (By Mr. Graham, his paintings and mediums walnut oil are completely miscible with other oil paints, and to date I found this to be the case. I use both Mr. Graham and Gamblin paints together.) Walnut oil Health Food stores be used for your ( (Safflower oil and linseed oil are also used as binders in paints tube and can be used as a wash brush oil, but I do not know what their effectiveness.) David R. Darrow is a professional artist using edible, food grade, cold pressed walnut oil to clean brushes. He washes his brushes in Dawn dishwashing detergent. You read about his method (He generally uses Liquin as a means.) I got frustrated with the smoothness cleaning with walnut oil. In my studio, I use Gamsol, an OMS, in which I clean most of my paint brushes and finish washing my brushes with Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver ( I use a disposable glove on the farm until the hand of my own paper towel. Just a note, each artist has his own method of cleaning and preservation of their brushes. My method may not be optimal, but it works for me.

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