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House Cleaning Plants

May 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning plants
How to make the use of cleaning products from natural herbs / plants?

My mother works in the law to the House-keeping companies and has a client who asks him to clean his house with natural home products. I know that you can use baking soda, vinegar, lemon ect, but he asked for her to return to the stone age "and use natural plants and herbs. Any ideas …. HELP

This product was developed by a gardener / botanist, he does not really work, has been scientifically proven to be as effective as water bleach to kill bacteria and viruses, and is made entirely from the common plant oils. I use in my practice (I work in the health), and have great confidence in her. If your stepmother does not want to buy the product, or it is not available in the United States, at least you can see that the ingredients are, and you can concoct your own cleaning and disinfecting solution. And I do not know what his problem with the vinegar would be, but is a great cleanser and disinfectant.

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Air Cleaning House Plants

May 13, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

air cleaning house plants
What plants are considered the most effective in terms of "clean air" inside a house?

I mean, which plants absorb carbon dyoxid more, and help maintain the air as fresh as possible? Which would you recommend? PS I do not smoke, I do not have allergies, I do not have a pet, and I now avoid many open windows too much time because of this terrible cold outside. Thank you.

lemon and orange tree.

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