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Gun Cleaning Rags

February 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

gun cleaning rags
question about cleaning guns and other casual Q?

Hello how are you guys! Well, I know how to clean the gun, I use a cleaning snake and the use of lead / copper dissolving solvent. But my question is, what happens to the outside? like wood, barrel, trigger and / or a hammer. I have a clothing outers containing little oil firearms, so I use that for the moment. Is it safe for me to use the receiver as well? I have a lubricant from S & W, which is enriched Cerflon and mentions that it is safe for all finishes. But can I use this oil for weapons on a gun sock / rag and lightly wipe the bore, the trigger, receiver, wood stocks? My other question is, is it permissible if I fire the gun bullet w / AP (striker rod) I did that sometimes on my Henry while trying to practice safety. there are only three different safety positions lol. Also on my Remington 870, I fired once by mistake (without the bullet) is safe for the striker?

BreakFree I use to clean all parts of a firearm. Inside and outside. If you want to dry fire a firearm, it is always preferable to use stopper "snap" that you can find at most stores firearm or sports shops. On most modern forearm, it will not hurt to dry fire occasional but on some, if you make a habit of it, it will cause damage. shoot security

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