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Computer Cleaning Business For Sale

July 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

computer cleaning business for sale

Leaseback Financing: What's this? How can it help your business?

This arrangement allows the owner of the company to raise capital, while retaining the use of assets that are needed in the business. A leaseback can provide the creation of source important funding that can be used for a variety of purposes. This includes pay a specific creditor, that the work capital, capital stock redemption the purchase of a partner, or enhancement, etc.

In sale-leaseback financing is done by transfer of title of the asset, value agreed to a financial institution in exchange for a lump sum payment. The owner of the business makes lease payments the finance company in exchange for the inclusion of cash.

Benefits. Many companies can benefit from this type of transaction. If you do not qualify for traditional bank financing or if you want to preserve your existing line of credit, sale and leaseback can be used to finance growth, restructure financial difficulty, offer tax benefits and improve balance sheets.

It is an approach to raise cash. All business owners know that cash is king. From a tax perspective, leaseback offers the opportunity to structure the transaction as a taxable sale, which may be offset by net operating losses, otherwise expire if unused. It may also offer unique economic benefits or tax for companies that were unable to use operating losses Net deferred for federal income tax.

Since lease payments are not considered part preferably companies that are in an alternative minimum tax (AMT) situation may also benefit. This article should not be considered advice tax. Business owners should always consult a tax professional to their accountant or tax attorney before making decisions tax based on a sale-leaseback transaction.

Qualifying business: If you have been in business for at least 18 months, a score FICO 620 + staff, own the equipment outright, no open tax liens, no bankruptcies open and have financial statements that indicate you service can lease payments, you are a viable candidate for finance leaseback.

Every finance company has its own minimum size transaction and funding parameters, it is best to compare the terms of each. Note: the restaurant owners will typically be in business 2 years, with a personal FICO score of 650 + before the financial institution consider a sale leaseback transaction.

Delivery of material: most durable equipment is eligible for funding and leaseback. Some examples: All kinds of computer hardware, computers, laptops, servers, network switches, routers, telephone systems, copiers, fax machines, dry cleaning equipment, equipment telecommunication stations, cabin, car repair equipment, diagnostic equipment, construction equipment, fitness equipment, and all kinds of medical equipment … just to give you an idea.

Games and equipment for beauty salon are generally not eligible for the sale and leaseback transactions. Some finance companies specialize in certain types of equipment. Others consider a wide range of equipment.

Application Process: It is surprisingly simple compared to other forms of financing. Contact Company funding for their application pages 1-2. Provide a list of equipment you want considered. (Depending on the age of the equipment, can not be a requirement for assessing the residual value). Fax at the request of the finance company. Wait for a response 24-48 hours. If you agree with their suggestion, you can have funds in hand at 10-14 days.

It should be noted that you are a partnership sale of assets to a finance company and then leasing back. As such, the process of approving applications / is simpler than the transaction type of debt financing and therefore a funding process much faster.

In summary: If you are in need of an injection money for your business, equipment rightful owners and are ready to sell equipment to a company specialty finance, but to preserve it for use in your business and finance leaseback is a financing tool that is available to the owner company.

Window Washing System Prototype in action 2 !


Office Cleaning Services Nyc

May 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

office cleaning services nyc

NY Lead Generation Office Cleaning Pay Per Click 10-17-07


Move Out Cleaning Service Orlando

April 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

move out cleaning service orlando
I want to start a house cleaning service. If anyone has one please tell me what I should do ..?

I was self-employed as a security guard company before the United Kingdom but now I'm back in Orlando and you want to do something in higher demand. I think a professional house cleaning company suit me perfectly, I'm still Cleaning The House and people always compliment me on cleanliness is mine. I would like to obtain a professional license and be properly recorded so that I can get business cards and a Websight. There someone there in Orlando has one and can tell me if it is a regular income? Can you please tell me what I should rates start at least until I can build a regular clientele? How much does a work permit for this type of business, if I choose to business and residential? How much does it cost to be insured, and is it an obligation? What it means to be in bondage? I'm mostly trying to understand what I do to get started and how much it will cost .. Besides the obvious. I have a car, supplies cleaning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated … Thank you

This profile looks at setting a company offering domestic cleaning services. It reviews the necessary training, start-up costs and legal obligations, and suggests ways to promote business You can obtain a copy of this profile business opportunity free by your local business link course, This will cover the laws of the United Kingdom, so if you change country, you will need to further research, but it will certainly be a good starting point. Good luck all your ideas! Rebecca

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Move Out Cleaning Austin

February 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

move out cleaning austin
I want to move from L. A.,CA to Austin, TX. I’d like to buy a home for about 250,000. What part is best?

I’m 32 and would be moving with my boyfriend and pet poodle. I’m a middle school teacher (English) and my boyfriend is a graphic designer.

I love indie/hipster music scene and try to live “green”

With horrible housing prices in L.A. I want a change from my 300,000 condo…I live next to, how do I put it “low class” people (blasting oompa pa music all hours, many people living in one apartment, throwing baby diapers in the street, the corn man coming around, serving disgusting mayonnaise and chili corn while honking a clown horn, young drug dealers…This is Long Beach, ca. I call the cops that my neighbors are drinking in the street at 12a.m. and I literally watch the cops drive by and not get out of their car! I am tired of living near these creeps that seem to be the growing majority here!

I feel like it isn’t fair that I’ve got a Master’s degree and can only afford to buy near these jerks.

I want to live in an area that is clean and safe and maybe raise a family.

look at the area around a street called Hancock.

It’s close to downtown without breaking the bank. A lot of the homes were built in the 60′s but it is the best investment you can make for what you want. No drug dealers there..lots of young people and some old orig. residents.

I’m typing this up from a model home in Pflugerville. I work in new home sales. The home I’m in will go for 250 most of the time. It is 3000 sq. ft. good yard, master down, gameroom, covered patio, luxury bath, top schools, low crime…

but you want to be around other greenies and stuff, so look down there.

here’s an eye popper

add: good luck on Mueler. There are restrictions and waiting lists.


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Green Cleaning Services Boston

January 20, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

green cleaning services boston

What € ™ s â € € œon Tapa home? Alternatives Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Offers clean and green

DATELINE: Â South Boston, MA …
Do you gag at the thought of drinking water from your faucet? Have you and your family become addicted to bottled water following? A, or do you hold your nose while you shower because the smell of your water? Cana € ™ t rinse off soap film that is scummy?

If yes, John Wood, founder and CEO of Hub Plumbing & Mechanical of Boston explains some alternative methods that can be used to clean water.

First, many consumers buy bottled water because they assume itâ € ™ s safer or cleaner than what comes out of their source of tap water or municipal wells. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), â € œThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water for consumption. Although most consumers assume that bottled water is at least as safe as tap water, there are still potential risks. Although necessary to meet the same safety standards as the supply public water, bottled water does not undergo the same tests and reports that a water treatment facility. The water is bottled and sold in the same condition may not be subject to any federal standard to all.â €

Wood urges consumers to take things by hand using a home filtration system water. â € œIf drinking water is your main concern, a number alternatives to buying bottled water are available. All offer greener alternatives to bottled water, reduce the huge amount of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills. Point of use (POU) treatment systems water to one faucet. point of use systems include pay-through products, Secure faucet filters, high-cons filling systems manual systems counter connected to the sink or plumbing-in systems that are installed under the sink with a permanent connection to an existing water pipe.â €

If your water harms are the most common and include problems of rust or sediment, scale or odors, you might consider an entry point filtration system explains Wood. â € œPoint entry (POE) systems treat water that enters the house, the supply of filtered water for use throughout the house for drinking, bathing, cooking, laundry and dishwashers.â €

Wood continues, â € œPOE systems can stop the dirt, sediment, rust and scale. The two rust and sediment, left unchecked, can ruin any scale devices creates unsightly construction equipment on water, coats elements which reduces heating efficiency, reducing waste soap lathering ability, and leaves an unpleasant residue on the skin, hair and clothing when they are washed. Also, one of the most common chemical disinfectants in municipal water supply the city is chlorine, tastes and smells bad and can be removed with a carbon filter.â €

Both POU and POE devices are based on different contaminant removal technologies, including carbon filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and distillation. In addition, flow filter size, filter life and size of the port are also important elements to the point of entry systems, which require installation professional. Whatever system is used, it must meet NSF / ANSI Standard 53 certified to remove the contaminants of concern water.

At Hub Plumbing & Mechanical
Hub Plumbing & Mechanical was established in 1999 and now includes a staff of 16 full time employees. The company's full-service residential plumbing and commercial customers with violations of the code, sewer drain clogs, garbage disposals, water heaters, water filtration, steam and hot water boilers, thermostats, leaky faucets, the tub valves, gas pipes, appliance installation, outside hose faucets, and residential HVAC service.

Hub Plumbing & Mechanical was recently highlighted in a new book entitled â € œThe Celebrity experiencer where Hub Plumbing & € Mechanicals € ™ s Red Carpet Service was cited as an example of how itâ € ™ s possible to create faithful life long customers by showering them with treatment usually reserved for celebrities.

Hub Plumbing and Mechanical € ™ s signature Red Carpet Service includes teams of experienced technicians who not only helped protect your floors with red carpet, but also cover their work boots with stain of booties, wear ID badges for security purposes, and arrive on time and smartly dressed in crisp, clean uniforms.

The company does not charge by the hour, but by the specific project. Hub Plumbing & Mechanical is available 24 hours a day and 7 seven days a week to provide immediate access and peace of mind. 2nd and 3rd dispatchers dedicated a night shift internally handle all calls at Hub Plumbing & Mechanical, not an answering service. The difference between the Hub allows two Plumbing & Mechanical to get real time information on the customer 24 / 7 to expedite the call as efficiently as possible.

Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. is located at 70 Old Colony Avenue in South Boston MA 02127. For more information about Hub Plumbing & Mechanical call 1-866-HUBPLUMBING (482-7586), e-mail or visit.

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