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Stain Removal Coffee Carpet

June 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Smoke Odor Removal Ozone

May 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

smoke odor removal ozone
What is the best car Detailer in the Albany NY area?

I need to find a retailer that can eliminate odors smoke. Has anyone used the method of removing ozone? Does anyone have a recommendation deatailer in the Capital District NY?

I saw a PBS presentation Motorweek that Pat Goss recommended method of ozone treatment, but I do not remember not the trade shop name.

The Smoke Deodorizer: Camouflage Your Smoke!


Odor Removal From Furniture

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odor removal from furniture
Microfiber General Cleaning, particularly the elimination of odors?

Does anyone have advice for a general cleaning a microfiber sofa, loveseat and chair? I tried to use the cleaner that comes with microfiber furniture, and I also tried a mild detergent and water, as they suggest. I did this for two years. However, the last time I made a few, smell terrbile remaining. a cushion that I cleaned by itself, we can not even sit on or near, and we have cleaned as there one month and have tried to diffuse out, fabric refreshers, etc. I think hiring a cleaner just for padding "Start over", because if it worsens, we will not even be able to sit in the room.

Odaban …… you can buy it from you local Sam's Club. sticks

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Stain Removal Carpet Vomit

December 1, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal carpet vomit

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Stain Removal Marker

November 19, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Remove stains, dry-erase marker jeans?

My daughter got dry erase marker (red) on his jeans. Because I crazy, so she wore them once. She was my mother @ home and Mom said it was dry-erase marker. It might be too regular scorer. I'm not sure. I have dealt with Spray n Wash stain stick that night. Do not wash out. Last night, I treated with Shout regular. Let it sit overnight and washed it today. Has still not released. I have not dried out both times to do not set the stain in. What should I do? I really need to get out. I thought No Spray Wash Dual Power. What is your suggestion?

My initial suggestion, that she is a child and these things happen, it is unnecessary stress on clothing. When you know you will not be there to watch it then just put pants on her dark. On the other hand, I used spray and wash too much and it does not go out at first everything faded a bit, but I noticed that the time and with a few washes over it disappeared, so it was not more sensitive. Btw, it was a Sharpie marker on the jeans and they are truly permanent, so I'm in your case, the stain will come out eventaully.

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Stain Removal Glue

September 5, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal glue

How to remove stains from wood furniture

Your wooden furniture can withstand the test of time if you know how to take care of her. Over time, even the parts most expertly crafted wood furniture can suffer from Mars, stains and scratches. These can be easily removed and your precious furniture returned to its original condition. If you know the right techniques, not spots or stripes have a prayer of staying.

Rings your furniture from water is very frustrating, but with just a simple application of certain household items, they disappear like magic. You need mayonnaise, olive oil, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly and a few non-hardening sealant designed for wood.

To remove white rings left water all you need is a light application of one of the ingredients listed except sealant wood. Wood putty is intended for more serious repairs. Apply vegetable oil, for example, on the mark for one night and the next polish with a soft cloth. This should eliminate or at least seriously reduce any type of water damage.

If damage furniture is to be more severe as gouges or scars, and pulp non-hardening should deal with this problem. The sealant must be match the color of the wood furniture. For damages caused by the heat of the simplest solution is to use lemon juice to remove the stain.

Not a paper bag or wet newspaper pasted on wooden furniture? Once the paper dries, it is like glue and very difficult to remove. Try a baby oil and let it soak in overnight, then in the morning, you can eliminate all vestiges of paper that was stuck in the woods. They will now be detached effortlessly.

When there is smoke in your home nicotine cigarettes will leave a trace of an unpleasant yellow substance. It unhealthy and not attractive. It accumulates in layers of yellowish-brown wooden furniture.

To remove the residue of nicotine first take about a quarter cup of vegetable oil and thin in one gallon of warm water. Then dissolve 2 tablespoons soup. Baking soda and mix thoroughly. Then with a soft cloth and rub the solution of wood your furniture in small areas at a time. Keep rinsing the fabric you are working on the wood.

All squares of wood that really sticky as you do the cleaning needs attention. Add some soap vegetable oil rub your cloth and rub into the sticky area. The sticky area is effectively either nicotine or wax buildup or simply the dirt that goes as you wash.

Use a clean cloth that has been soaked in plain warm water. Repeat the process until the site sticky disappear. Use vegetable oil instead of furniture polish once a week.

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Stain Removal Vomit

July 25, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal vomit

Carpet Cleaning Pet Emergency Stain Removal

Your puppy elusive 12 week-old enters the room. "Where have you been?" you ask, as if he makes you. You immediately get up and begin your search. All is well in the room. All is well in the den. All is well in the dining room Roo — oh no! This is not the new Oriental rug. What are you gonna do?

Time is of the essence. Then you take bottle of your faithful miracle stain remover and spray it directly on the stain. You press a towel you've taken cooking on the spot. We rub and scrub. It does not seem that it works, if you try to nail up and you move more difficult. At least you try to take care of the accident quickly, but now you have a big problem. You have a puddle of water even more important that includes the urine with a stain added. Worse, you have cleaned the carpet if the fibers look very worn and frayed. Add stain urine stain and brushing does not mean that you remove the stain. Where did the stain go? You have widespread support in the carpet.

4 Easy Steps Emergency Pet Stain Removal

1. Do it now. The longer you wait, it will be more difficult to remove. It is not always easy to spot clean a pet, but your life will be much easier if you take care of it immediately. The task could become permanent within a few hours, especially with light colored fibers.

2. Use the right equipment. Use a small machine, carpet Hand spotting or wet vacuum to extract the urine, vomit, or feces. If you find the stain while it is still wet, it is important to extract the rinse or BEFORE adding a spot remover. Some popular brands to look for are Bissel Little Devil, and Little Green Machine. For a wet vacuum, go to any radius of the hardware and ask for vacuum cleaners or wet vacs.

3. Use the proper cleaning agent after the liquid has been removed. Use a low residue cleaner place if the stain is fresh or a stain enzyme if the stain has been in the fiber for more than a few hours. A mixture of white vinegar diluted in a ratio of 1 to 3 will also work in a pinch. Never use bleach. If you use an enzyme, allowing him to live for at least 20 minutes or according to the label. Enzyme digests actually associated bacteria in the urine odor and works well for items that have been in the carpet for more than a few hours.

4. Rinse immediately with clean water and extract the water with your vacuum cleaner or water stains from carpet machine. This can be done by rinsing water stain on your machine or simply pouring a glass of water on the area and extract with your wet vac.

What do you If these steps do not work?

Often, the task will be even bigger and darker when it returns. Many spot removers can leave excess residue in the mat that attracts. If you experience this mysterious phenomenon of a polling place, just pour a cup of water on the area and extract your carpet spotter or wet vacuum. If the return spot again, rinse again. To prevent this from happening in the future, use as a less cleaning. If you continue to have problems with returning spots, try a different spot removal.
So now that you have removed most stains and odor. But you'll notice a slight discoloration of yellow is still lagging behind. Hydrogen peroxide Gentles fades discolorations and stains of vomit and urine is available in most pharmacies. The solution should be misted on the leaves dry during one hour. This procedure should only be used after all attempts for removal have been made. As with any what stain remover, be sure to pre-test peroxide in an inconspicuous area before use.

The next time you do not know where your puppy and he was walking through the living room to greet you, do not be quite so afraid. You are now armed with the right information and tools that will in taking care of the accident a breeze. More problems. Your life will be so much easier.

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Stain Removal Paint

June 3, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal paint

Cleaners and Gum

Remove stubborn stains made by painting and chewing gum is often a difficult task for many. All these processes disposal hectic spots can be made easier by applying any target = "_blank" title = "Paint / Graffiti / Gum Removers"> paint strippers and gum.

Use before applying Strippers Coats of fresh paint

The need to remove the paint will come when you intend to restore your concrete walls or gateways by applying a fresh coat of paint on them. Just scratching the paint is not wise because it can damage the surface. With strippers appropriate you can quickly and completely finish the painting surfaces. Many paint strippers are formulated with special features stripping paint that contribute to a complete and easy removal of stains on surfaces.

Remove tough stains with Chewing Gum Gum Removers

Chewing gums are like a drug for many people, especially young people. A major problem comes when these tires are spitting on the carpet, walkways or floors. Most of the time they get stuck on these surfaces and are not easily removed. Now there is the eraser to remove the advances, which are capable remove even the toughest and dirtiest spots of chewing gum. You can use them on any surface – chairs, tables, floors, fabrics, carpets and other nonporous surfaces. Thanks to their high liquid formulations, they can remove chewing gum and its residue completely from the surface.

Many trademarks target = "_blank" title = "Paint / Graffiti /" to remove the paint> Rubber and remove gum are now available on the market. Clean System, Dymon Inc. and 3M are some popular brands in the industry. To find the best selling models with a quality performance, approach of any online retailers. With them, shopping becomes easier because they can help you choose the right product for your needs.

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Stain Removal Paint Clothes

April 26, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal paint clothes

The proper way to paint your drywall

Before considering paint your drywall , you must remember that this is a very specialized task. However, if you have the proper equipment or tools and do the necessary preparations, you'll see that it can be achieved by virtually everyone.

When gypsum painting, you need to know about the process step by step to do it properly. If you fail to make at least one process, you will end up with a paint job that looks very amateur.

The first step of drywall painting by ensuring that the conditions Weather is not too wet and it should be warm enough. You must also ensure that the surface or the drywall you've decided the pain is dry, free of oil and grease, and it is completely clean.

You also have to apply three coats of compound attached to the drywall and the joints between panels should be secured with fiberglass tape or paper or mesh tape drywall. By this you need to ensure that the town is the surface on. You should also make sure you fill any cracks or marks using the same method.

You also have to clean the walls and ceilings that you plan on painting, wiping the dust. To do so, before priming. After the primer has dried, the next step is to sand the surface lightly with a fine grain sandpaper. This will help smooth imperfections, and fibers and the rough chips. Always keep in mind that you should wear goggles and a dust mask as produced when gypsum drywall sanding can be very irritating to the eyes and is known to cause respiratory problems.

You must also take care to remove dust from the top of your door and window in versions. You also have to use tarps to protect finished surfaces floor and doors, windows and other accessories. It is strongly recommended that you use a plastic painter to do.

You must keep in mind that after you save the gypsum and sand, you should not let the drywall sitting too long. Sunlight can cause the drywall to yellow and fade. In fact, it can look uneven, even after painting. Use a good latex quality of the paint stain kill before the start to fight against the process of yellowing.

Two coats of paint should suffice. The first layer, use a low luster, flat latex wall paint. This should be tinted to the color of the topcoat. For the topcoat, use two layers overlay, which includes the shell and satin paint. This leaves you with a finish that is easy to wash and is not prone to marks and brands. For roof, matte painting is a good option.

Always remember that the equipment and the proper preparation, you will be able to be finished professional appearance when paint your drywall .

How to Get Dried Acrylic Paint Out of Your Clothing & Fabrics


Stain Remover Science Project

April 5, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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