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Remove Ink Stain Vinyl

August 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

remove ink stain vinyl
Removing Biro ink stain from white vinyl flooring?

Hi, I managed to get recenty ink pen on my floor white vinyl in the bathroom. I was washing a stain on my pants Biro with cold water and some water splashed ink the ground – I did not spot it until the next day, and now he can not go! Already tried – hairspray, cream clearicel cash white spirit, vinegar, salt, detergents, bleach harpic blue, alcohol other products made from butter, hot water, soap and water, and nothing works. Does anyone know a real proven method to remove ink stains from ballpoint pen vinyl flooring? Any help would be great, Thanks

Uh, at the top of my list would be hairspray, but you have already tried. What about cream Cif (Jif used)? Thinks is in a bland blue and pink bottle, it contains bleach and the grain a little, it's got stains on kitchen counters for me before. xylene thinners? Toothpaste? Solvent? Baking soda? Perfume? guess it's alcohol based so.

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