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Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

June 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

automatic cleaning litter box
Do you use an automatic cleaning litter?

My two kittens (who I think are now cats) have exceeded their current litter, and I am considering options for a new one. There are several types of boxes to automatically clean the litter mass. I'm curious to know if one this work and are worth the money, and are more practical than bailing me every day. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Yes, it is expensive, but if you're like me and not clean, it's quite the way to go. They are a bit noisy if you want to put it somewhere far from the room bedroom, and if you overload they just keep running. You will need to clean the hopper every 3-4 days, and sometimes cheap bedding scoop before he pee fixed and can be a mess. I take mine every month and the hose at the bottom, and I use a grocery bag as a liner Hopper plastic because the "disposable" parts are expensive ridicuoulsy. If you ask me, $ 100 is not too much not having to scoop. I got mine for over a year and I think when we get to the bar two years, I will replace it.

PetSafe Simply Clean™ Automatic Litter System –


House Cleaning Robots

May 31, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning robots
Where can I find robots to do work around the house? I am not trying to find toy robots.?

Wher are all these robots that all The world has spoken other than the lawn mower and vacumn cleaner.

Nissan and Mitsubishi have both models of real robots. I suggest to research under the two manufacturers of robots keyword.

Cleaning Robots


Room Cleaning Robot

May 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

room cleaning robot
What are ur tuffest crazy imaginations or thoughts???

; ODD … Mine are here: I just outerspace, my brothers are reall buthead from the dinosaur age and my father is a madman who has invented a machine scintist time to bring them here and he served with outerspace that u can see me here ..; ODD Engineering soo as he has invented a robot that own ……. think that my mother ….: o | … coz she said that 2 things alsays …." go and study hall ur own ".. What about u?? wheres ur fantasy??

hey I think I waan do a film on ur thoughts and I'll take u as an actress, yes, when can i sign u. ……….. lol hahahaha

NXT Room Cleaning robot


Vacuum Cleaning Robots

March 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

vacuum cleaning robots

Benefits of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner obtain

Cleaning The House was one of the household tasks and eats more time. The invention a robotic vacuum cleaner has been a response to this problem.

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers continue to improve the device in order to facilitate the work while obtaining quality results.

For some, the acquisition of a cleaning robot can be risk of money because it is a new technology. This article gives you the reasons why you should not be afraid to try the robot.

1. Efficiency

The robotic vacuum cleaner functions like any other, sometimes even better. It can clean almost any surface in the house. It consists of brushes cleaning, remote control, rechargeable battery, charging base, timer programming and virtual walls.

2. Usability

Since the robotic automatic vacuum cleaner, it will clean unattended. cleaning robot is not very special switches and configurations makes friendly. Simply press a button and it will start vacuuming.

The cleaner is running on battery and charging would be alone if the battery becomes weak. You do not need to worry and always check if it is done with the chore because it will return to its docking station and waiting for his next scheduled cleaning.

3. Compact

The cleaner is located in a small disc like shape of the carcass. It is flat so it can go under furniture like bed, sofa, tables, chairs and cabinets. It can also clean furniture legs and corners of walls effectively. Its bumpers can absorb collision with solid objects along the path.

4. High tech

The robot vacuum cleaner has sensors that detect dirt and sucks it in. Because of these sensors, the robot vacuum is drawn about the dirty room, and then cleans repeatedly until no dirt sense either.

The device also has virtual walls that prevent them from leaving an open door or a fall down stairs.

5. Affordability

Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more affordable to the difference when they first entered the market. Although it is still quite expensive compared to other types of commercial cleaning products, convenience a cleaner gives you is always worth the price.

Get a robot vacuum cleaner to clean for you, it's a good decision to be given the time that you will earn while vacuuming the floor. You can use your time more productively instead of spending it for cleaning.
iRobot Roomba Set of 2 Vacuum Cleaning Robots


Cleaning Roomba

February 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning roomba
Wendy Diamond: Animals in the era digital decade ago our dogs have been as simple as apple pie. Nothing has changed with dogs, but our pampered has gone digital. Take a moment to review briefly some of the digital advancements made in the animal world.
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