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Gun Cleaning Mops

July 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

gun cleaning mops
Does Remington Gun Oil (RemOil) contain any type of solvent?

Use RemOil, is it as a "stop", or not? Cleaning my load automatic shotgun, I have been applying a bore with a first solvent copper brush, then apply RemOil in the bore and action using a buffer / MOP of my Cleaning Kit. I also apply RemOil the wood stock and forearm. Is this an acceptable method?

Everyone has their own way so I'll try not to get carried away here. I use a solvent (shooters choice) with a brush was limited to the bore. Then solvent swab to clean the barrel. push a couple dry patches in a row to make sure that things are really clean in there. then send some patches through the oil Rem. cleaning action with the solvent. lightly coat with oil Rem. You can wipe the wood down with oil Rem oil, I prefer the flaxseed. It lasts much longer and did a great job.

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Cleaning Rods

February 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning rods
Is that a wand cleaning a gun "part" under USPS regulations?

I sent a gun cleaning rod a guy who had bought a gun from me in a plain envelope. I forgot to include it in the overnight delivery with the gun, I thought then send it in an envelope. He had the correct postage, and does not appear to violate the regs USPS prohibited items: # 11. Firearms, weapons and their parts or ammunition. The envelope arrived at his house, but the rod had been torn off. Now for me, a cleaning rod is not a "party" as the USPS regs define. I think part "would be something that contributes directly mechanical operation of a firearm. (As a striker, spring, etc.). It is a cleaning if the stem. This is a tool, a piece of metal really. I think to file a complaint against them, and perhaps contact the NRA for support. What does Yahoo! Community? I like the idea of locking a machine somewhere …

It is indeed not a party and I can not help thinking that the envelope sent to you, was not sufficient to hold him. Articles like this are often shipped in a paper tube or box as a mechanism Automated lead to be pushed out of the envelope. If the USPS were removed, there was a note inside stating that it was removed. It is likely on the ground somewhere in the central treatment facility or blocking of a machine.

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