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Cleaning Solutions For Carpets

February 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning solutions for carpets
Does anyone know how to make a homemade Carpet Cleaning solution for carpet cleaning machine?

I have a Bissell Easy Steamer like to know if I can make a homemade solution to clean my carpet. I'm hoping for a solution that is strong and sweet no carpet damage, but clean the dirty areas. My carpet is dark gray with short hair and my carpet is an off-white cell medium term.

Simply use the vinegar. I use about 2 cups in a gallon of hot water and it works wonderfully. It neutralizes the smell of company as well. It will smell vinegar until it dries, dry, but after that no odor remains. If the smell offends you, I also heard as a ball of OxiClean, a cup of Fabreeze generic and hot water works well recommended. You can check this site for more suggestions.,,, Also be aware that the use of a detergent dirt will stick to it and so your carpet will get dirty quickly. (I was told by a commercial carpet cleaning service). They said it is virtually impossible to get all the detergent when cleaning your carpet, and the detergent attract dirt and hold it like a magnet.

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Cleaning Oriental Rugs

January 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning oriental rugs

Oriental Rugs â € "Select & Investing

The decision to purchase an authentic oriental rug is a bit more complicated as purchases of other carpet â € "the pattern, texture, size and style will create a unique look for any home. In addition, certain characteristics are more prized and valued as a long term investment by those who collect and purchase oriental rugs. Learn how to select the perfect oriental rug for your lifestyle â € "and future investments of these quick tips:

1.A Â Â Â Go natural. Although synthetic dyes are more stable, nothing compares to the art and the sensitivity of natural dyes. Natural dyes tend to cost more, but also to keep their value in the future.

    2.A Signed Mat. Signed carpets are a bit more of a rarity because of illiteracy generally those who create works of art. However, traders or contractors responsible for the creation and distribution of carpets often â € € œsignaturesâ incorporated to identify their products. Carpets with investments much sought after signatures are very popular.

    3.a Carpet faded. The colors associated with many blankets original Wasna € ™ t popular if this country were often oriental rugs € â € œwashedâ to eliminate the bright colors. unwashed carpets are very popular as authentic examples of the original beauty and artistic work.

    4.A Sizing. Too large rugs can not easily Thus in modern houses, those of a more conservative choice are considered more desirable in Todai € ™ s market.

    5.a Cleaning and maintenance. Few things impact the value and desirability of an Oriental rug than the type of cleaning and maintenance he has received over the years. Houston Carpet Cleaning requires knowledge of the East specialized dyes, weaving and construction methods and more for the coverage retains its beauty.

To find Houston carpet cleaning company that can take care of your oriental rugs, it is imperative to use a reputable company nationally renowned weavers and qualified as Kiwi Services carpet.

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