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Lcd Cleaning Cloth

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lcd cleaning cloth

How to maintain your LCD LTN141W3

How to keep your LTN141W3 LCD

Your LCD television and monitor or laptop is designed with the technology of liquid crystals. These screens are very sensitive the touch and can be easily damaged. Also, because the screens are not glass, typical ingredients in glass treatment agents, such as ammonia, should not be used on your laptop or flat screen can monitor.Dust accumulate rapidly on the screen of your TV, computer screen or computer screen. This will strain readability and clarity. Clean your screen whenever it is necessary, but do it correctly to avoid scratches or degeneration LTN141W3 LCD screen displays quality.These are not designed to be touched. It is very important for you to exercise caution in dealing with your liquid crystal display, because it is an LCD screen rather than a glass screen. The small dots that make up images on the screen are each a separate transistor / crystal. The pressure can "crack" pixels easily and even the "rough" surface of paper towels can scratch the display area. When the pixels are damaged, black spots to fill these areas your LCD LTN141W3.

Urgent and grow, whether with a dark object, like your finger or a sharp object like a pen or a knife, the more often more damage than an individual pixel. Imagine not being able to read lines of text on your LCD LTN141W3 or visibility on the image in a bulk section of your TV! Major damage will erase entire areas of imaging. Therefore, keep your fingers and other objects away screen. If you need to highlight the text or image details to others' point of their "electronically using the mouse pointer. Otherwise, add a computer filter to the surface which will help prevent accidental contact, or you can maintain a distance between a "pointer" and the surface of the screen.

When dust, pet hair, dirt or other built on the screen, it is important clean the surface. Before treating your device, disconnect it. Then use a soft cloth such as soft, untreated eyeglass cloths or micro fiber cloths cleaning, rather than tissues. In addition, the use of the correct solution. Be aware that you must not use any product containing ammonia or ethanol, as these components deteriorate LTN141W3 LCD screens. Ensure the cleaning commercial computer monitoring you buy states that it for use as a screen cleaner. Instead of buying a commercial cleaner, some people make their own solution using 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% distilled water (tap water can leave mineral spots).

Spray the cloth, not the monitor. Then cleaning the LCD LTN141W3, laptops, computers or televisions, make sure they are unplugged. Do not place or spray liquid directly on your laptop or TV. Instead, moisten the cloth with the special cleaner and wipe Gently your screen in uniform motion, as counterclockwise, rather than random motions. Use the cleaner sparingly prevent the escape of excess liquid in the keyboard.

All these recommendations apply to computer monitors and laptops your other LCD LTN141W3.

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