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Spring Cleaning Safety

January 30, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

spring cleaning safety

Staying healthy for Spring!

Winter Kissed Goodbye! Winter season is finally over .. and we can see beautiful flowers in grass and flowers today. Although itâ € ™ s bright and sunny outside, the wind here in Kentucky is still a little lila € ™ CHILLIER € | I know many of you are waiting for that day, but Are you really ready for spring ..? Or do you feel like youâ € ™ re a fever of spring ..? Well .. Here are some tips for safe and healthy spring.

Spring Allergy – Get your antihistamines readyâ € | And still your environment .. Avoid Ready to go in dusty places without making a handkerchief with youâ € Always | keep your house clean, if your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hall residence .. And if possible, have someone vacuum you, donâ € ™ t to do by yourself if you really severe symptoms. Always have a Kleenex or a handkerchief with you, plus a disinfectant always keep on hand to make sure that youâ € ™ re not taking all the germs at all or youâ € ™ re not sharing with others. And of course, donâ € ™ t forget to wash handsâ € | If you experience flu symptoms, drink plenty of water. And avoid drinking liquids at extreme temperatures such as too hot or too cold € | You irritate the upper gastrointestinal tract and can affect your upper respiratory system.

Sun and sand – Sun really does feel good on the skin, but please donâ € ™ t burn your skin pretty .. Donâ € ™ t overexpose the skin under the sun, and remember to put sunscreen at least SPF 15 when you think you'll spend much time under the sand. And rehydrate your body by drinking plenty of water.

Beach Safety – Parents, I think the search for your children the beach is a common sentiment. For teens who like to try new ways in the water, always have someone with you who can swim. And keep your ears on alert for danger alarms. So what about partying on the beach and meeting a stranger .. hot? a cat € ™ Lila a few sips of drinksâ € | a few exchanges of kisses, then turned to go really Wilda € | Well, remember sexual safe! Remember that youâ € ™ re a foreigner .. And this is not the only thing, but if youâ € ™ re on a date, if Please think of ways to protect yourself.

Injury – Setting physical activity of sleep in winter sports heavy spring should not only be taken lightly. Be sure to have your body before a heavy conditioning work. For children, usually they outgrow their inline skates, helmets and pads .. Be sure to check before letting your child play outside. Donâ € ™ t forget to check the brakes of the bike too. And donâ € ™ t play with ice or snow in the spring. Because it is surely not hard enough to manage your weight. And since the sun is already emerging that the ice is probably already melting.

Travel – Keep your first aid kit with you .. including medication, wound cleaning and bandaging .. When you go camping, insect repellent with you, but choose ones that donâ € ™ t have strong odor from insects are attracted to fragrances. Always bring your insurance card disease with you. If you plan to go on the road trip, check your car .. First let your friends and family know and trust that youâ € ™ re on a trip. Tell them in what youâ € ™ going to travel, when will you leave, and when youâ € ™ ll be back. Go Green – Add a little green on your plate, they become more available on the market. Green vegetables help your circulation by strengthening your liver and kidneys. Hope you guys have a beautiful

spring season this year. Enjoy!

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