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Stain Removal Emulsion Paint

August 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Remove spots, how to remove the beer from an emulsion painted wall?

i kicked around a glass beer off the other day and it splashed all over the wall. I tried using a damp cloth to remove the stain, but just completed removing the paint as well. Does anyone have ideas on how to remove it or is it a case of having to paint on it?

If plain water has removed the paint, everything and anything will remove paint. Sorry. You have only two choices … live with stain or paint the room. Some tips for you If you re-paint: 1. Painting with a glossy shine a little … Use semi-gloss or satin. It is easy to wash the dirt in the paint finishes. The finishes are not flattering to clean. Semi-Gloss is generally used as bathrooms, kitchens and corridors. If the room is not one of those areas, try to use satin. 2. Painting with a color softly. White shows dirt still … and so do all the colors of light. Dark colors make a room look like a cave depressing. The compromise solution is a color softly. Choose a color from the middle of a paint sample card – not the colors at the top or bottom of the map. 3. Prime before painting to avoid beer and other dirt stains Bleeding Through. Kilzer ™ is an excellent introduction which is available everywhere. Good luck. –