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Free Fabric and Leather Care Cyber Holiday Giveaway At

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Web Site visitors can get free fabric care and Leather Care Products by only paying shipping and handling (S&H) at


Troy, Michigan, December 1, 2010 – (, an online store which features revolutionary Stain Removal Products, is offering free fabric care and leather care products from The Casite Company as part of the 2010 holiday season promotions. If you need to remove stains from Thanksgiving or protect your fabric and leather during the holidays Casite has the solution.


Fabric Care Cleaning Products

Upon visiting the Web site’s home page (, visitors can click any one of three options of 1) Fabric & Leather Care Kit, 2) Fabric Care Only Kit and 3) an All U Need Kit. Shopping for the products has been made very easy directly from the Stain Hotline home page by clicking the “buy now” button next to each product.


The All U Need Kit includes seven different products that normally retails over $100 and is available by paying only $29.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Leather Care Kit includes six different products that normally retails over $60 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Care Kit includes four different products that normally retails over $50 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit.


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products

Previous promotions offered by Stain Hotline this year have been met with a lot of success in reaching new users of the products including the famous Ink B Gone stain remover. The Cyber Holiday Giveaway is only available from Monday, November 29, 2010 on Cyber-Monday through Friday, December 10, 2010 and while supplies last.


“Stain Hotline provides revolutionary products that use natural ingredients and are effective for any household. We feel it is important to get our products into the hands of the consumer to test out,” commented J. John Antakli, President of The Casite Company. “There is no better way to do this but by making the product available for free and only asking for the shipping fee.”


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products Kit

Casite’s Fabric Care products are professional strength, ready-to-use cleaners that remove stubborn protein and oil based stains from water cleanable textiles and protects from future food and beverage spills. Casite’s Leather Care products are specially formulated to safely clean treated leather and vinyl with natural degreasers. Watch ink, tar, grease, crayons, markers, and dirt disappear from leather and vinyl surfaces. Casite’s Ink B Gone is the latest innovation in ink removal. With all natural ingredients, Ink B Gone safely removes inks, even Sharpie® and other permanent markers, from leather and more! You will be amazed with the performance of all of these premium products.


About The Casite Company


The Casite Company and its consumer products team offer premium products that are engineered to work quickly and safely for the consumer. Their website is your resource for all cleaning and stain removing products. The Casite Company is here help you achieve the results you want and keep those stains away.


Release Contact: Wendy Blankenship, The Casite Company, 530 Stephenson Highway, Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083, 248-307-4857,



Stain Remover Oil

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stain remover oil

Carpet stain removers and cleaners

Impeccably clean rugs add elegance to your interior rooms. keep clean carpets and in good condition is essential in maintaining their appeal. stain removers carpet cleaners and play an important role in this regard.

Stains Conquer with Carpet Cleaning products

ink stains, wine stains, shoe polish, lipstick and coffee stains are sometimes difficult to remove from carpet surfaces. Participating in these spots in a timely and appropriate to maintain the beauty of your carpet. You need to do is to have a good carpet stain remover to reach hand. Carpet stain removers come with powerful cleaners that are specially designed for the immediate removal of spots and stains. Some models Carpet stain removers are strong enough to remove both oil based and water based stains. In fact, the stain, even with the end need to scrub or clean your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning offers a range of solutions

Modern carpet cleaners take spots various forms and have properties that can remove stains in minutes. Carpet cleaners as concentrated shampoos that dry quickly, stain for carpets that cool, light and restore the texture of carpets, fabrics and foam carpet deodorizers, odor eliminators non-toxic and deodorants to freshen the entire room are products that go far long way in renovating and maintaining your carpet a beautiful space healthy living.

When using Spot and Stain Remover "> carpet cleaners, you must go into products that are not damaging the mat. Choose products that keep them soft in good condition.

Popular and reliable brands such as WD-40 Company, Franklin Cleaning Technology, Amrep and many others offer a full range of stain removers and carpet cleaners. Just browse the web and find an online store with products you want buy. fine retailers still offer great discounts for purchases you make of them.

oil stain remover Ask Jon Eakes about Oil lift


Ink Stain Inc

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ink stain inc

Inkless fingerprints â € "Ink Stained Hands No.

It was the Chinese who discovered and started using fingerprints fingerprints as a means of individual identification. That was more than 1500 years but at the time they did not use it for solving crimes. One thing that the Chinese used it for the time was also a way for the signature and official documents and items such as works of art.

A big problem with the fingerprints was that the ink has been used to take the imprint real. This left the person who had been fingerprinted in black ink on all the fingers and hands, until finally brought off, which could take several days. Then, of course, new methods must be developed.

This in turn leads to Electronic scanning technology to be developed, but these methods and technologies also had their inherent defects. For example, they had a certain level of training to operate. In addition, they are often capricious and may take several tries before enrollment a copy viable.

With companies Increasingly, the government and private entities seeking to integrate the fingerprint in their daily activities a new method had be developed. One that contains the best aspects of all technologies that were developed previouslyÂ.

This led in development and growing popularity of fingerprint ink. With fingerprinting ink without the person being printed is presented with what looks like a stamp ink empty, devoid of ink.

In reality, the pad contains a chemical safe sticking to their skin like the ink would be. After they have applied their finger on the ink stamp without ink, then they push their finger on a piece of paper that is coated with another chemical reacts with the one contained in the ink pad. œPresto-â € chango €, an instant dark fingerprint appears!

How To Remove Ink Stains From Fabric Video Stains & Laundry Videos


Laundry Stain Removal Grease

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All Purpose Cleaner, Laundry Stain Remover


Ink Stain Shirt

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ink stain shirt
How to clean ink stain on the white cotton shirt?

Dry cleaning fluid on both sides of the stain (talc powder dust on it if it is difficult to escape) Rotten-or-milk. Rot milk by leaving it in the sun. Place the milk solids on the spot and it should absorb the ink. Wash them detergent. Use glycerine first red ink.

Housecleaning Tips : How Do I Get Ink Out of a Shirt?


Remove Ink Stain Shirt

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Why buy recycled clothes?

Why buy new when you can get a designer holding 50 pounds or even dollars? Karen Powell explains second hand should not be second best.

I meet friends for dinner wearing a classic linen shirt, pants Armani and a vintage suede jacket. At one point during the evening, the conversation turns to clothing. I reveal my outfit is second hand and the three pieces combined cost less than 50. Eyes widen and mouths agape. Dead silence. I take this opportunity to share more about my passion for fashion owned.

Charity shops, vintage stores and consignment shops are full of old clothes in fashion, clothing owned commonly called opportunity recycled, gently worn, used as new and vintage. These alternative shopping destinations offer the variety and value. Basic T-shirts to prosecution designer Most articles that I find hardly worn, stylish and inexpensive.

I'm going to brag about how every time I buy used instead of new, I help to reduce the flow of waste textiles to the landfill. In addition, buying second hand keeps natural resources used for the manufacture of new clothing.

Before I could finish, my friends bombard me with questions: Where is the best place to shop? Are there a lot of selection? Can I negotiate? What about stains and odors? Heres what I say:

Knowing where to shop

Success in finding used clothing that suits your personal style and budget depends largely on where you shop.

Basic mode: If you are looking for casual clothing every day, although classical or contemporary, check chains charity great. You will find a wide selection of women, men and children's clothing and accessories of different brands of fair to excellent. Prices are low to moderate. Basic mode can be easily found at garage sales, flea markets and small shops and second hand.

Paws: A consignment shop is the place to go if you prefer moderate to designer brands upmarket. Some sell only women? S or wear clothing s children?, for example. While others offer clothes for the whole family. You'll find a variety of high-end clothing in good to excellent condition. Although you'll pay more than the charity shop prices, the savings are large compared to buying new.

Vintage: For those of you who like the look of yesteryear, your best bet is to head straight to vintage shops, vintage Expos, the sale of goods and auction sites Online. Sometimes I luck and find vintage pieces in charity shops and jumble sales. Due to the popularity of retro fashion, selection and Prices vary depending on the style, age and where you shop.

Check Status

Before buying check of second-hand clothing to wear and stains especially in areas that may not be visible immediately inside the collars and cuffs, crotch and armpits. Keep in mind: set-in food, ink and rust stains can be difficult or impossible to remove.

To check for stains or moth holes grated, open the garment and keep it light. If you do not have what it takes to repair, leaving objects behind well-worn.

Most odors such as should, perfume and smoke can be removed. Always wash purchases of second hand before adding them to your closet or a drawer.

Save time and money

Keep an eye on discounts and special sales. second hand stores often offer discounts daily, and that price reductions during the holidays and store events.

Time your purchases with warehouses attached. Some resale stores put new items on the floor every day, others might stock once a week at a given date.

resale shops have a yield no, no exchange policy. If you are looking to match a color or style especially anything in your closet, bring it with you when shopping. If youre shopping for someone other than yourself, write a few basic steps.

Be sure to bargain when shopping in flea markets, garage sales, vintage expos and antique shops. Always ask: Is this your best price? or will you take (name your price) for this??

Donate or give unwanted clothes and discharges of household fabric in a usable condition to charity shops and car. Your recycling efforts can you earn cash.

Be creative

If you do not find what you're looking for, make yourself! Theres a lot of creative potential of second-hand clothing and other textiles discarded items such as bedding, linens, curtains, etc. Personalize with versions recycled used clothing, embroidery, dyeing or fabric paint. Combine from one garment to another to create an original design. Consider sheets, curtains or tablecloths parking for making clothing using a new business model or sew your own.

Katherine is a designer of sewn products and product-2ndHandMade, a collection of stitch guides for turning textile products used in new products. She shares her approach to resource lifestyle products to make yourself at Through a series of classes she teaches creative reuse in San Francisco.

Clothing security – Me removing garment security tag


Home Carpet Cleaning Remedies

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home carpet cleaning remedies

Use the latest rug cleaning techniques to improve the life of your carpet

Carpet Cleaning is the best for you and your home. Carpets are very sophisticated and attractive when they are creative laity. Even according to your carpet every week and vacuum the carpet cleaning and tarnish spills promptly, you will face a time when your carpet demands something more clean air, fresh and original. Master of the advice you need to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year or more.

In a period of DIY, many of us like our carpet cleaning methods using experts instead of hiring experienced cleaners. This may be a good idea because the DIY carpet cleaning has a number of colonies, and it can be an easy process.

Carpets have a group of micro-organisms as well as mites and bacteria. It is important to keep your carpets clean not only promote better health, but also to make your home look new. Just think of the thousands of dollars you've invested in putting carpeting in your home. You still want to defend that investment. In order to do this, you decide to Regular maintenance of your carpet.

Vacuuming alone only keep the dust and dirt, so to remove the stain total you may need reputable cleaners in your area who take care of your carpet. Taking care of carpet cleaning and commercially to extend the usual basis enlargement your carpet. Although they do not come to be dirty again it is required for normal carpet cleaning. There are so many dust particles that can be cleaned by simply using vacuum and that you need carpet cleaning business.

Carpet cleaning is necessary for health you, your children and your pets. So try to use environmentally friendly cleaners, because they use environmentally friendly products catering your needs. Eco friendly Cleaning Supplies you with environmentally friendly carpet and land A Cleaning Service that is helpful to better health and higher in quality.

Carpet cleaning has come a long way since the time of the cooking process has been used Only soda paste scrub. Now there are so many ways to clean a carpet and absolutely one of the methods will give you the best result and get rid your dirty strain on your old carpet and beautiful. In addition to home remedies, there is the development of other common facilities such as steam cleaning deep carpets, carpet shampoo, carpet protector, soda water, etc. The end result is the removal of your unwanted stubborn stains. People are less bothered with what methods have been implemented on the carpet. By fastly remove stains and make cleaning the carpet every six to twelve months, you ensure that you carpet will be around for you and for many years to come.

Zero Res Carpet Cleaning


Stain Removal Coffee Carpet

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Coffee stain removal -Cleaner Cleaner LTD London 0800 61 26 436


Ink Stain Leather

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ink stain leather
Is there a good solvent Ink Stain Leather furniture top.?

protectanct sofa is covered, but this series of ink. Occurred in the last 24 hours.

This depends on the type of leather you have. If the ink on a pigmented leather then the first thing you should try is an ink stick (find one who is a professional product used in industry). The freshness of the ink the more you chance to withdraw. You need to set up this type of leather you have as ink sticks must not be used on aniline style leather. (See below) You should also be using a leather protector of good quality on your leather. This will act as a coating "and will be easier to clean setbacks. If an ink stick does not solvent based remover will be used and it may also remove finish and pigment so is best left to experts. Use hairspray/WD40 and all these other solvent cleaners is very risky because it can make the issue much more serious because it can spread ink on a larger area and can sometimes be impossible to fix. Alcohol may also be a little risky depending on how whose final is stable. If the finish is unstable this would remove, pigment leather. thinner or other solvents will also remove the finish and pigment to be replaced. DO NOT USE wipes because they are the worst thing you can use on skin because they break down the finish and will eventually ruin. If Please do not try milk or toothpaset these are silly ideas that leaves sticky residue on the surface which will help break the finish line on your leather. old ink will be harder to remove than ink and may mean new use of solvents also remove the finish line. This is probably best left to experts. / Furniture Polish Silicones are the worst things to use on leather as they form a coating on the surface Leather that does not allow moisture to get to the leather and will eventually break all the finish down and cracked. Leather needs water and should not be protected against it. Leather does not need conditioning it needs cleaning and protecting on a regular basis with water based products this will rehydrated and supple. Oils will make things worse. Hides be cleaned gently not scrubbed elbow grease "if" it does damage the finish. Close food will not remove ink and leave residues on the leather which will attract dirt and oils. If your ink is on an aniline leather (one that is absorbent and mark easily) then you should not use an ink stick and it is highly unlikely that anything else will remove the ink because it had re-dyed leather. It may fade over time. Best to leave it to the experts. Good Luck Source (s): Leather consultnts care for the furniture and cleaning industries Professional knowledge

InkBGone or Castrol on Ink Stain


Remove Ink Stain Leather

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remove ink stain leather

How to keep your leather diary, in excellent condition

A journal or diary is your closest confidant. You can confidently share your secrets with the knowledge that your personal calendar leather will not talk to someone. You can also use your leather journal as a tool to remove your hidden anger, anxiety, and their aspirations. Writing things that bother you can help ease tensions and emotions that you delete. Because your diary is very useful, you must protect its leather cover to keep in good condition. So, here are some tips on how to take care of your leather diary or journal.

One of the things you have to do is find a suitable storage space for your diary leather or leather Journal. Keep your calendar to the right place is key to protecting the leather cover. You should never store your paper in a drawer located in a humid. The humidity could easily dry up the leather. Your agenda is therefore cover can cause cracks and fractures which are very difficult to repair. A Once the leather cover develops a crack, then the damage will remain forever. You should also avoid placing your leather journal in a drawer with bottles of ink, pins and other small office supplies strong. ink can be very difficult to remove all sharp objects can damage the integrity of the leather.

When cleaning your leather diary or journal, it would be preferable to use a cloth dry cotton or soft cloth material non-shedding. It's a good thing if you only remove dust and dirt. If dirt can not be removed then you can easily use a damp cloth and carefully wipe the dust. Do not wash the leather cover, since water can damage leather. After wiping the leather cover with a damp cloth, use a towel to dry completely the wetland. In most cases, this method Cleaning Leather bound diaries suffice.

If your calendar or leather Journal has a spot, then you must use a very mild soap moisturizer to remove the stain. Simply apply the soap on the stained area and rub a damp cloth on the soap. Then gently stroke the stained area until good lather forms. Continue to wipe the stain is removed. Again, never wash the leather cover on the water. You can remove the soap with dry cloth. Make sure to remove all traces of soap, because the foam can damage the surface of the leather cover. After removing the stain, you can apply the commercial leather conditioner to restore the initial moisture content of leather.

Keep track of your daily life in a newspaper is a very good hobby. There are many benefits you can enjoy if you develop the habit of writing your thoughts and ideas in a newspaper. To keep your calendar leather in good condition and maintain its beauty and elegance, then you should learn the simple techniques of cleaning your newspaper leather or a newspaper and avoid damaging the cover.

How To Remove Stains From Leather Furniture