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Keyboard Cleaning Brush

March 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

keyboard cleaning brush
8 Survey question?

1) Do you recycle or the landfill?? 2) Did you turn off the lights or leave them on?? 3) Do you drink tea for headaches or pain pills pop?? 4) do you brush your hair while its still wet or Wait 'Til its dry?? 5) dirty or clean your keyboard often do you?? 6) do you charge your phone often or Wait 'Til its dead?? 7) television show you love better, the reality TV show or sitcom?? 8) Did you check your detergent-house to see if they are tested on animals? yes or no??

Oh I love your surveys! 1 – I recycle, but where I live, it is not as great in the community as it was where I grew up 2 – I always turn off the lights, I like the dark atmosphere of 3 – I do nothing for evil head usually 4 – I brush, I comb, and I'm always wet 5 – mine probably had some strange creatures that live there ….. 6 – I not a cell !!!!! 7 – sitcom yay – my favorite show but is a dramatic 8 – I'm not, not … but again, I do not clean!

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