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Cleaning Wooden Floors

March 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wooden floors
Move, which cleans hardwood floors better?

I leave my apartment, and the need to clean wood floors, this that cleans hardwood floors better? Thank you! ps. the floors were covered by a large area rugs, then cleaning them was not really a problem, until now. :)

Well, have you ever cleaned the whole time, Lordy me? Kidding Around here, I'm sure you have (hoping, hoping). Anyway I always use 50% of white vinegar and the remaining clean water, mixed, use a sponge clean mop, but do not saturate the soil. Vinegar is recommended by my wood floor installer, so … Wood does not like water. Except of a poplar, he kills for water. Rife. If waxed, I'm no help, vinegar prob remove the wax that is good if the wax is well … dirty. If polyurethaned then use the product which does not dissolve the finish, it comes in a spray bottle green and if you are in the kit (Walmart), it has its own Grand apartment "mophead" in an almost institutional size of the rectangle. Good works, washable mop thingy to take the next apt or home? It leaves a glossy clean enough. Good idea, forward and backward with the grain, the vertical boards, and it also put spray long hanging from the pocket of the apron year. However, if you are under the age of 65 you will not know what an apron. Do not worry about it. OK? Cheerio.

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