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Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

February 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

jewelry cleaning cloth
How can I make a waterproof vessel / boat / that kind of thing combination of these materials? (For a project)?

food, paper, Cord, ivory, jewelry, metal, cloth, fabric, glass, oil, leather, made from oil painting, cigars, soap, Cleaning / chemicals, insulating walls, etc., cleaning products, medical supplies Our project is to survive the Titanic with these supplies, which is at least 2 hours in 25 degree water until the ship comes and saves us. Any ideas? I can not use these supplies. All ideas for something waterproof or something? I was thinking of doing a sort of combination, or air bubble insulated … I know that sounds stupid but what you can do with these supplies?? Haha Is there anyway to isolate ourselves in the water …? survival time in the plain water is 15-40mins. (NOTE: we do not verify, just do a think-creation project):)

wrap yourself in the fabric / cloth first, then in leather (Or make clothing leather lined with cloth and fabric) covers all seams / holes with oil-based paint to prevent water entering (oil-based paint does not dissolve easily in water) and drain cleaners / chemicals in their bottles plastic and use the string to tie them together, the air filled bottles will help keep you floating on the surface.

Polishing Cloth, Great For Your Jewelry