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Electronic Cleaning Supplies

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electronic cleaning supplies

How to promote a cleaning company office

Copyright (c) 2008 Brent Wale

If you are thinking about starting your own concierge / business cleaning, Some low-cost strategies and promotional techniques that you can use to get your company's accounts office cleaning.

Starting a cleaning company office is simple and requires little startup capital. For most, the only expense involves buying supplies and advertising.

Fortunately, Cleaning Supplies are cheap, and it costs much less to advertise in local newspapers, or line. Because most business professionals are busy, they are willing to pay a company or a person to clean their offices. You just need How to know the brand of your office cleaning business, to grow your business.

Remember, almost anyone can clean. The trick is to hire others to do the cleaning after you get the ball rolling. This leaves you free to generating new business. There are simple, low-cost market for cleaning your office accounts.

Here are some simple ways:

* Specialized Service:

If you offer your cleaning service for one type of business .. say, law firms, concentrating all your efforts in one type of customers, it will make your life easier and your efforts much more better than being everything to everyone. Consider this, if a lawyer compared between the 2 companies, Company A is a general commercial cleaning company that offers services for all types of business and society B specializes in law firms fair. Who would he choose?

By specializing in one or a few types of service that you give a message you offer a service tailored to their needs, and that's exactly what customers want faithful. Try copying this idea by finding a small niche, as physician offices, dental offices, pharmacies, real estate, high tech offices, etc..

Do not get me wrong here. You can always go after any type of office cleaning. But you can tailor your marketing to each type of industy. In other words .. You may have specialized in many different industries.

* GIVE-ways-:

A marketing strategy used by the office cleaning business owners are gifts. "Companies like to try services for free. Once they see what you did a good job, and once you gain their confidence, Chances are you just earned a customer. If you use a cleaning company, you can give a brochure of cleaning tips, cleaning without guides, samples or color. Once you begin giving away authoritative information customers will begin to perceive you as an expert in your field. (This may seem a bit difficult and time consumption but I promise you it is not you).

* Business Cards:

This is one tool Marketing the largest janitorial / office cleaning business. The problem is most people who are new to the office cleaning company does know how to do it properly. If you know how to get your business card in the hands of the right people at the right time, you generate a ton of business This strategy is a bit lonely.

Just know how to provide an irresistible offer on the back of the card for new customers. This worked for the office cleaning business owners several times!

You do not have to distribute 200 business cards and hope for the better. There are methods of trails that can effectively help you get more business if you use an expensive full-page advertisement in the directory!

* Print advertising:

Start by setting an advertising budget. Once you set your budget, decide where to advertise. For a cleaning business, it makes no sense and would be a waste of your money for advertising in a magazine or buying a large TV spot that broadcasts on Saturday night. In addition to being expensive, these ads are not likely to reach your target. Announcement Current print, run in your local newspaper or buyers is the most basic unit of advertising.

Print ads have launched major office cleaning companies and has created many successes. Running ads in a local newspaper can be a great way to promote your cleaning company … but you must follow some basic rules.

Your ad should attract attention! Although this seems obvious, at least your ad attracts attention you throw your money away. The most compelling to have a "significant" announcement is to be As an interesting and attractive. If you create an important announcement, consider using a sub-title. This will be added information and may be longer the title.

* Greeting Cards:

Cards can be used as a great marketing tool when it comes to repeat business and references. Use them to thank customers for their business. Send them greeting for most vacation opportunities. Try to send the cards as soon as possible so they can be the first in your mailbox customers. Surprise them first if you can always remember. Use messages written by hand to show more appreciation to your customers. If you use this marketing tool, you can always save money buying cards after occasions, in quantity and save them for next year.

* Electronic media:

Buy banner advertising in electronic media. Look for Web sites that target your potential customers, such as your local Chamber of Commerce. This can deliver your good information to the company who needs your service.

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Cleaning Times

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cleaning times
Where can I find the repair time regulated by the government for cars?

I just had a brake job done wives on my car. Most parts were still under warranty. But the brake cleaning time was fixed at 2.2 hours. This does not seem just when especiially everthing came to over $ 200.00. Is there a myDate government or set of rules that determines the length of time it takes something do?

Government does not set working hours. times of work are determined by manufacturers and guides the work of time based on experience to do something. In this cleaning brake set at 2.2 hours, which can not be right. Most seats at a price below $ 30 for a brake shoe clean and adjust. Which includes both labor and chemical costs. If they charge 2.2 hours to clean the brake, I would contact the Office Motor Vehicle Regulations and the State Attorney.

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Air Cleaning Technology

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air cleaning technology
Have you ever nostalgic for the old advertising that has been broadcast every year at Christmas?

Who does not want a edge-edge piece of technology like the Ronco Record Cleaner Back in the day? Yeah, I'm dating myself … oh fucking well. Ricky, I think they the Folger's commercial calm of. "Peter!" Love it …. Oh, and remember the advertisement for McDonald's gift certificates (I think) with a young Corey Feldman?

Absolutely. But mostly I miss the old "Let It Be Löwenbräu" jingle. Oh What is it that when a college boy comes home early and made coffee and Folgers mother wakes up to find him there and gosh, I just want to cry * Oh yeah, I think they still show that we … Here is a forgotten gem .. EESH I was looking for something better, but they all had terrible quality, but good:

Air Cleaning Technology | Air Duct Cleaning of Bellevue, WA


Window Cleaning Business Plan

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window cleaning business plan

How to start a cleaning business

Residential and commercial cleaning companies are traditionally the year's best-selling franchises after year, so it is difficult to deny that the cleaning business is a hot market. Some cleaning companies can survive on just a few corporate clients, and in most cases, you can count on a consistent monthly income from long-term contracts. No wonder so many contractors enter this field.

While cleaning and janitorial services can be a profitable field, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs start a cleaning business – and succeed. Here are some tips.

1. Survey the market in your area. Do you find many other cleaning companies that you have to face? This is not an uncommon situation. Since there are many small niche markets in the field of cleaning, it can be more profitable for you to enter a smaller market with less competition. Some specialties include window cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, cleaning grout, Cleaning Kitchen, etc. Another way you can compete with the largest cleaning companies is to offer benefits that are not available elsewhere, such as extended service hours, use nontoxic cleaning products, etc.

2. Once you've chosen a niche, developed a plan core business. This can help you establish and start operating costs and give you a clearer picture of what you need to do achieve your income goals. Showing business plans of other cleaning companies can help you accomplish this in less time. Several you can find by searching the Internet.

3. After putting together your project, decide on a business name and register it with the office of County Clerk. You'll also need to obtain a business license in your city or local office of the county. Although it is not a requirement to have insurance or a bond, it is a good idea and can look good to your customers if they request it. You can get a free quote online from a variety of different sources, or you can set up a meeting with an insurance agent to discuss your options.

4. Get a number Tax ID of your business by the IRS and to open a business bank account. Keep your personal finances and business separate is important when it comes time for taxes. Opening a business bank account should not be expensive or difficult. Interview a few banks for the best service for you. You may even be able to open a free account.

5. Meeting with a tax deduction to discuss potential tax to your business. The more radiation you know, the more money you can save. If you decide to do your own accounting software Accounting as Quick books Pro can make the task much easier. You do not get the newest product – in fact, you can save money to purchase a version just a few years.

6. Professionalising image of your company with a business telephone line, business cards and design professional literature. You can create your own business cards, brochures and flyers online for less money, but also to create a professional image.

7. A website can be another great way to look professional and advertise your services too. If you have time, you can make yourself for about $ 100 per year. You can view your services, rates, contact information, photos jobs and customer testimonials on your site to help potential customers make a purchase decision.

8. Write a short press release to your local newspaper announcing the opening of your business and mentioning a "Special Opening" or discount for customers for the first times. This can make you free advertising in the paper instead of having to pay for an ad.

It may be useful to get a quick start guide a business in your local library or bookstore to look at when you have questions. If you know someone in a similar business, but noncompeting to see yours, if you can get them to lunch and maintenance. You can often get valuable information.

Professional Window Cleaning Tips : How to Plan Window Cleaning


Old Time Cleaning Products

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old time cleaning products
Can you control the spread of black mold by just using household products?

I think i have a black mold starting to grow from the inside of the wall behind my shower (where the pipes and plumming are). i know there are promblems back there b/c there is a rust coming through the grout that i have to bleach w/CLR, but now between the tile and the basin, the calk has fallen off (its a 50+ year old town home, cheaply built). The calk was a black/gray color when we moved in, i sprayed it with a tub cleaner and scrubbed in that area, only to have the calk fall off, and a black colored mold exposed behind it. the mold is now starting to grow on the grout, and i cant kill it with any of my tub cleaners. i have to scrub out my tub frequently or it will adhere to any soap scum and make my shower look really nasty in a VERY short period of time (twice a week). are black mold spores air borne? does this sound like black mold? could this be what is making me sick? its only in this one bathroom, but the presense of the rust tells me there are leaks back there.

Please be careful cleaning up black mold and use some breathing protection. Here is some info I found:

Exposure to mold spores can occur during clean-up procedures. Accordingly, those who might experience adverse health effects from exposure to mold should not involve themselves in the cleanup process.

1. Wear a medium-efficiency or high-efficiency filter dust mask or a respirator designed for particle removal to protect against the inhalation of mold spores.

2. Wear protective clothing that covers all areas of the body including hands and eyes. Protective clothing should not be worn outside the work area.

3. Only persons involved in the cleanup process should be allowed in the cleanup area.

4. Work in short intervals – rest in a fresh air location.


Toxic mold spores can become airborne during the cleaning. Before cleanup begins, the affected area should be contained and HVAC systems should be shut down to prevent the spores from spreading.

Each area affected by mold should be separately contained. Use plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal doorways, vents, and other openings.

Where possible, place an exhaust fan in a window that is open to the outdoors to direct air flow and mold spores outside.

To limit health risks and reduce the spread of mold spores ensure dust levels are kept to a minimum. Air purifiers and /or Ionizers can be used to minimize airborne particulate.


1. Lightly moisten the affected area before cleaning commences.

2. Thoroughly clean in and around the affected area with soap and water to remove as much of the mold and mold infected material as possible.

3. Carefully place the mold and mold infested materials into heavy duty plastic bags and landfill or incinerate.

4. Apply disinfectant (e.g. bleach) in and around the affected area to kill residual mold spores.

5. Ensure that the affected area is completely dry and free of mold and musty odors. Aerate the area after cleaning is complete

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Residential Air Cleaning Systems

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residential air cleaning systems
Is your air conditioning system ready to heat of summer? Change of season is the perfect time to be sure everything is in working … Spring is the time to inspect and maintain air conditioning systems. Tru-Serve CEO Troy Norberg advice for marketers and air conditioning systems apartment ready if they continue to operate smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer months.
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House Cleaning Quincy Il

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[mage lang="en|fr|en" source="flickr"]House Cleaning Quincy Il[/mage]

Most of the top 25 tourist destinations in America

Here is the list of 25 most visited tourist destinations in America according to Forbes.

The list includes the thundering falls of Niagara, it also features the harrowing slides Disneyland € ™ s and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Seven of the 25 attractions are amusement parks Disney World D € ™ s Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, remains on top in the theme park world. Tourists enjoy the renowned art collections and sunny beaches in equal measure.

Many foreign visitors are interested in seeing the natural scenic attractions like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.

1. Times Square, New York City, NY

Times Square, the busiest place in New York, is known for its many Broadway theaters, cinemas and great signs.

Times Square has all kinds fun, exciting and informative tours to explore other parts of the city. You can choose to walk, bike, bus, food, limo, TV, historical, ethnic or water tours.

Times Square Alliance estimates an average of more than 2,000 pedestrians crossing a block of 7th Avenue weekday for a period of 15 minutes.

2. The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the State of Nevada, the seat Clark County, and a renowned seaside resort of international importance for gaming, shopping and entertainment.

Enticing more than 31 million visitors, about 80 percent of the Citi € ™ s total (39,200,000) visitors a year with million gigawatt smile and globetrotting attractions, Las Vegas Strip is more than glitz and money. â € "[Source: National] Scenic Byways Program

3. National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, DC

National Mall & Memorial Parks contains some of the oldest protected park lands in the National Park Service.

Many nationality € ™ s iconic public sites are within 1000 acres, over the National Mall and Memorial Parks, including Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, and Korea and Vietnam Veterans memorials.

4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which gets 20 million visitors, including four historic sites in one place â € "Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market, all together around a walk picturesque cobbled, where jugglers, magicians and musicians entertain visitors.

There are over 100 places to eat, shop and drink this historic site.

5. Disney World D € ™ s Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL

The most popular Disneyâ € ™ s attractions Florida has experienced an increase of 2.5 percent [17.1 million] the number of visitors compared to 2006, according to the TEA / ERA Theme Park Attendance records.

How Magic Kingdom has managed to retain its charm and its appeal over the years is a lesson in simplicity. He remained faithful to its original vision, a place where families could gather in a clean and safe environment to enjoy the time they spend together.

6. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA

Walt Disneyâ € ™ s original theme park features eight themed lands with classic Disney characters, favorite attractions, shows and parades.

With nearly 15 million visitors last year, the Disney original, had a record season, according to TEA / ERA.

Currently, the park was visited by more than 515 million visitors since it opened, including presidents, royalty and other heads of state.

7. Fishermans Wharf € ™ s / recreation area Golden Gate National, San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is American national Recreation Area managed by the National Park Service that surrounds the bay of San Francisco.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which includes the famous orange bridge along with many other areas throughout the Bay Area attracts 14.3 million visitors each year.

8. Niagara Falls, NY

Falls, which straddle the Canada-US border, have been a tourist mecca since the mid-19th century. With the statistics from the Office of Tourism Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls Brige Commission, visitors are approximately 12 million per year.

9. National Park Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee / NC

On America € ™ s most visited national park is neither the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. The natural beauty and four distinct seasons enjoyed the GSMNP is unmatched!

With more than 800 miles of protected trails, this natural wonder hosted nearly 10 million hikers, birders and drivers last year.

10. Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Opened in 1916, this monument of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan has served as a campus and military training center.

With 8.6 million visitors, walking to restaurants, exhibitions, entertainment, shopping for cruises dining and tour boats Navy Pier has everything â € "in a place unlike any other!

11. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona / Nev.

Thirty miles south of Las Vegas is located in the United States € ™ s the greatest man in lake and reservoir, a mecca for recreational boaters, swimmers, fishermen and naturalists drew 7.6 million.

Lake Mead flooded a large part of the desert, which covers many canyons, several small villages and relics of ancient settlements.

Some views over Lake Mead.

12. Universal Studios Orlando / Islands of Adventure Orlando Universal FL

Like its rival, Disney, Universal houses this ERAA € ™ s Christian Aaen calls a â € € œdestination Complex in Orlando, where two theme parks, Universal Studios Orlando and Universala € ™ s Islands of Adventure, competing for 6.2 million tourists thrill seekers.

13. SeaWorld Florida, Orlando, FL

Attendance was up one percent from the previous year for this water theme park, one of several Orlando locations on our list. The TEA / ERA puts SeaWorld € ™ s participation in 2007 to 5.8 million.

14. River Walk San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk is one of the most visited places in all of Texas and the Greater San Antonio area has a world of fun and exciting things to do and see.

The San Antonio River Walk (also known as the Paseo del Rio) is a network of trails around the San Antonio River, linking several major attractions of downtown in a history of San Antonio, Texas. Lined with bars, shops and restaurants.

The River Walk is proclaimed â A € œNumber entertainment destination in Texas, â € with 5.1 million visitors per year.

15. Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT

Temple Square is the most popular attraction in the state of five million annual visitors. This block of ten acres located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is Utah € ™ s number one tourist attraction.

The Mormon Church € ™ s headquarters here, but Temple Square is more than just a destination for the Latter-day Saints.

16. Delaware Water Recreation Area Gap national, Penn. / NJ

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains with all kinds of outdoor recreation available.

This park preserves 40 miles through the Delaware River and almost 70,000 hectares of land along the rivera € ™ s New Jersey and Pennsylvania shores.

River-based recreation is what attracts nearly five million tourists in the park Appalachian Ridge on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

17. Universal Studios Hollywood CA

His comprehensive marketing official is â € œThe Entertainment Capital of Los Angeles, â € if during the summer, it is often advertised as â € œThe Coolest Place in LA.â €

Nearly five million star gawkers and thrill came the year last visit to the sets of â € œDesperate Housewives, â € â € € œKing Konga and other Universal productions.

18. Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY

Founded in 1870 (and moved to its current headquarters in Central Park in 1880), the meta € ™ s vast stores of art are more than two million works in the construction of its two million square feet.

It has a permanent collection containing more than two million works of art, divided into nineteen curatorial departments. The museum is also home to encyclopedic collections musical instruments, costumes and accessories, and old weapons and armor around the world.

Four visitors and a half million came to read some of the world ™ D € s largest collections of art, American and European to Egyptian and Greek, recently renovated and Roman galleries.

19. Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is a legendary tourist zone on the south shore of Oahu in Hawaii. This Hawaii iconic tourist destination on the edge of the Honolulu area that actions are the name, offers a splendid view of the volcanic cone, Diamond Head.

With flocks of tourists, it also makes Forbes Traveler € ™ s list of most-hyped beaches. Up to 4.5 million swimmers try to relax on its sands each year.

20. Grand Canyon, AZ

The canyon is the most famous natural attraction in the United States and perhaps in the world. The Grand Canyon is a gorge carved by the Colorado River in the U.S. state of Arizona.

It is widely understood in National Park Grand Canyon one of the first national parks in the United States. The tourists arrived at a much faster since the canyon reaches status national park in 1919.

A glass walkway in the shape of a horseshoe, opened in 2007, allows the nearly 4.5 million visitors the chance to experience the vertigo.

21. Busch Gardens Africa, Tampa Bay, FL

Busch Gardens is the ultimate family adventure Park offers a range of exciting discoveries about meetings alien to the African continent.

This Africa on the theme park, which houses over 2,700 animals alongside the usual array of rides, restaurants and entertainment, attracting 4.4 million annually.

22. Cape Cod National Seashore, MA

Cape Cod National Seashore consists of a number of beautiful beaches. It is a land of parabolic dunes, lighthouses 19th century shipwrecks, pilgrims, and piping plovers.

Visits walking trail and the beach, swimming, historical tours of the building, fishing, and cycling are key activities that can be enjoyed here. The biking and hiking and beaches attracted over 4 million visitors last year.

23. SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego, CA

SeaWorld San Diego is one of the world € ™ s Prime D marine adventure parks with 200 acres of world-class entertainment, exciting rides and games with animals unforgettable.

More than 4 million visitors to explore the mysteries of the sea every year, with the interactions of animals up close and exhilarating thrills.

24. American Museum of Natural History, NY

American Museum of Natural History, which attracts 4 million visitors, was one of the world ™ D € s ultimate science and research institutions, renowned for its collections and exhibitions that highlight millions of years of Eartha € ™ s evolution, the birth of the world through our days.

The AMNHâ € ™ s 45 permanent exhibition halls contain a vast record of world history, from dinosaur fossils in the human genome.

The 18-acre campus is located in Theodore Roosevelt Park on Manhattan € ™ s Upper West Side, and its popular program of the night gives eight to 12 years thrill of a œfalling € asleep in the darkened halls of one of the world ™ s most famous D € € museums.â

25. Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Boardwalk (immortalized in the board game Monopoly) along the beach four miles, skirting casinos Historically, hotels and shops, and connects with the Garden Pier, home to the Atlantic City Historical Museum and Art Center in Atlantic City.

Although boardwalks can be found throughout the world, they are particularly common along the East Coast of the United States in America North, where they have many functions of a city street and are often themselves tourist attractions. He obtained four million visitors each year.