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Window Cleaning Towels

August 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

window cleaning towels
The window cleaning business issues?

I'm interested in advice that separate the average window washing (with Windex and a towel) vs. professional to do. Some questions to help you answer mine: What do I use chemicals? What equipment should you own? step by step in procedures for washing windows, if any? Also, how much should I charge for my service?

cleaning windows is a cleaning company and have an ideal start. Especially if you target small complex of offices and small retail stores, because they will always need the service and more inclined to hire an independent .. I have a resource in my Squidoo Lens (see my profile) All about starting a window cleaning companies a guy who started while in college and made a very good life with him. You'll need a squeegee, buckets, ladders, clean rags, and something better than Windex. You can make your own. He is a professional window cleaner effectively and fast, but I do not know … I clean small offices, no windows. Hope this helps!

Professional Window Cleaning Tips : How to Use Window Cleaning Towels


Cleaning Towels

June 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning towels
What are the bathroom hand towels that turn on a valve and clean it?

I live in Switzerland and they thought they were very cool and friendly environment. You pull on the towel, dry your hands, and the machine, then shoot the part used, leaving a clean towel and new display for the next person.

Sometimes it is blindingly obvious solutions to questions like that, but maybe not this time.

Dyna-Wipes Pre-Moistened Cleaning Towels 120-Count Dispe…


Glass Cleaning Towels

June 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

glass cleaning towels
What cleaning products to keep a new car clean?

There are so many cleaning products out there it is difficult to choose those really necessary. Right now I use Simple Green on the inside, the glass cleaner on RainX glass and soap dish, Nu Finish, and Turtle Wax paste wax original outside using a bundle of microfiber towels. Is there something wrong with that?

I use Meguiar classic, but you can use one of the washes, an eagle on the spray wax, Armor All every 1k miles, cleaner glass for exterior windows, dealer bought a glass cleaner for the inside of windows simple green works very well, it is Ideal for degreasing engines and cleaning oil spills when oil change or transmission or coolant. Remember just to cover the distributor, intake air (if you have) and sheets visible (connections) with a plastic bag + stretch. when you flush simple green its important not to blow the water but shower "it" off TIP: when waxing with microfiber towels use wax used for waxing, drying for drying and wiping for wiping. It also helps to use towels window Windows Only

Glass Cleaning Microfiber Product Demo


Cleaning Cloths Microfiber

March 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning cloths microfiber

How to Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Tips, Bathroom Cleaning Tips

It can not be stressed enough that green cleaning is good for the environment, our health, our health, pets, and can increase our life span. Our bodies simply can not keep the inhalation of toxic chemicals on a regular basis without impacting our hearts, lungs and skin. These products can even cause cancer. There are some among us has been to put thick rubber gloves and covering her mouth just so we can clean our ovens with chemicals boxes filled with foam? Was it really worth the risk to our health? And unfortunately, even that was not really necessary, such as baking soda and lemon juice will do the job perfectly and leave a fresh scent too.

Each of us has a responsibility to do their part in creating a own land to themselves and future generations. And with simple green cleaning steps in a house of sparkling, everyone can. On the Internet there are several ways to obtain the eco-friendly products and even some recipes for those who prefer to do themselves. Coconut water is a great cleanser, as is lemon juice or vinegar.

When you think about it for cleaning your house, all you really need is some baking soda and vinegar. For example, a small amount of vinegar on glass rubbed with a piece of crumpled newspaper will give you a glow on the windows clean. No specific glass cleaner necessary.

When purchasing cleaning products that boast they are Green Cleaning Products, do not always believe it's true that if there is an eco friendly seal on the container. A new product with rave reviews is the cleaning cloth eco friendly. This fabric is thick, toxin free, and picks up dirt, grime and grease, even fairly easily with a simple slide. You will not have to rub or break a sweat with this power microfiber. More great news is the canvas last long if they are affordable too. One can only increase our life expectancy, finally beat cancer and a host of other chronic diseases forever.

For more relevant information on green cleaning tips and advice bathroom cleaning, please visit these sites: Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Ecological advice.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

How to Clean With Microfiber Cleaning Cloths