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Vacuum Cleaning Robots

March 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

vacuum cleaning robots

Benefits of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner obtain

Cleaning The House was one of the household tasks and eats more time. The invention a robotic vacuum cleaner has been a response to this problem.

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers continue to improve the device in order to facilitate the work while obtaining quality results.

For some, the acquisition of a cleaning robot can be risk of money because it is a new technology. This article gives you the reasons why you should not be afraid to try the robot.

1. Efficiency

The robotic vacuum cleaner functions like any other, sometimes even better. It can clean almost any surface in the house. It consists of brushes cleaning, remote control, rechargeable battery, charging base, timer programming and virtual walls.

2. Usability

Since the robotic automatic vacuum cleaner, it will clean unattended. cleaning robot is not very special switches and configurations makes friendly. Simply press a button and it will start vacuuming.

The cleaner is running on battery and charging would be alone if the battery becomes weak. You do not need to worry and always check if it is done with the chore because it will return to its docking station and waiting for his next scheduled cleaning.

3. Compact

The cleaner is located in a small disc like shape of the carcass. It is flat so it can go under furniture like bed, sofa, tables, chairs and cabinets. It can also clean furniture legs and corners of walls effectively. Its bumpers can absorb collision with solid objects along the path.

4. High tech

The robot vacuum cleaner has sensors that detect dirt and sucks it in. Because of these sensors, the robot vacuum is drawn about the dirty room, and then cleans repeatedly until no dirt sense either.

The device also has virtual walls that prevent them from leaving an open door or a fall down stairs.

5. Affordability

Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more affordable to the difference when they first entered the market. Although it is still quite expensive compared to other types of commercial cleaning products, convenience a cleaner gives you is always worth the price.

Get a robot vacuum cleaner to clean for you, it's a good decision to be given the time that you will earn while vacuuming the floor. You can use your time more productively instead of spending it for cleaning.
iRobot Roomba Set of 2 Vacuum Cleaning Robots


My Cleaning Supply

February 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

my cleaning supply

A Look at the Different Types of Cleaning Supplies Available

The different cleaning supplies used for the purpose of keeping your house clean are as follows:

* Electronic Rechargeable Swivel Sweeper- this is one of the latest advancement in the field of cleaning supplies. It is easy to channelize cordless sweeper that collects the dirt and other rubbish very fast as compared to the other ordinary sweepers. Just move this rechargeable, cordless sweeper around your home or office at see a dirt free floor. All the dirt gets collected in the chamber that is inside the swivel sweeper. It can be used in the family room, carpet, bathroom, dining room and vinyl. It gives an effortless cleaning to your house.

* Glass cleaner cum wiper- the bottle is attached with the handle having spray function. You just have to fill the bottle with either plain water or a liquid detergent and spray it on the glass. Soft foam will be produced on the glass that you have to wash down softly. It consists of a very fine quality of a rubber blade fir wiping the water fast and cleans from the surface of the glass.

* Fine Quality useful PVA Mop- it has the capacity of holding about ten times the more amount of water as compared to the other ordinary mops. No mess is created at all and you can perform your work effortlessly. There is no drip or powerful absorption. The handle is like telescopic folding that extends upto 1.25 meters. You can do vacuuming, cleaning, mopping and drying everything in just one simple action and one simple equipment. The mop is made up of a powerful absorbent material that eventually dries away all the surface area only in one action. It can be used to clean the kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, windows, office, cabinets and all types of floorings.

* Synthetic Chamois- it is one of the perfect cleaning supplies for your car, vehicles or any other wooden or glass surface. Its size is about 42×60 cms that is adequate to be used on the vehicles. It can also be separated into small pieces for indoor use. It has a high absorbency and can be used either in hot or cold water along with the soap.

* Upholstery Cleaner and Protection- this product is prepared by using some special formulas that helps in cleaning any washable surface very effectively. The deep foaming function helps in the removal of the grease and the dirt and makes it shine like the new ones.

* Cleaning Kit- this cleaning kit is ideal for all your LCD’s. With the help of this, now you can keep the screen of your laptops and the computers free of dust and grime. The cleaners are also very small and lightweight that can be carried easily at the time of traveling. After the wiping, you will not see any marks or stains left behind on the screen.

* Magic Duster- this duster is used to dust the particles of dirt from the walls, ceilings, windows or furniture in a very less time and with minimum efforts.

These were some of the cleaning supplies used for Cleaning The House.

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