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Records Cleaning

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records cleaning

Jiangxi Province, the development of rural marsh gas of document: clean house at the picturesque

The fall season, this reporter Po crossed Lake in Jiangxi, the earth and feel the changes brought to biogas in rural areas. The conservation of the mountain digesters, gas lamps light up the village of civilization, hot gas stoves thousands of families … … a small biogas digesters, became farmers, "pool treasure!"
1.26 million households spend digesters
"Pa", the power jack Fu Bristol City Village farmers Gao'an flows easily and turn slightly button, the blue flames on the assignment, and the light illuminates. He said: "In the past desperately cooking smoke, cesspool smell, water everywhere, the Cross-flow, housing floaters, were now using gas stoves, cookers Rice and gas heaters, gas water, gas built latrines, no longer have the field of wood burned, smelly latrine squatting not need! Yi Gong Flow family court, planted fruit trees, vegetables, fish pond behind the court, the fish jumping out of water from time to time, the water is only 20 ducks play. Rough calculations of power flow of trade in recent years, his family biogas "feed" the court of ecological agriculture, the net profit of 5 million yuan.
In recent years, construction of rural energy in Jiangxi Province has made steady and healthy development. In early September this year, 1.26 million households in the province have been using wells methane production, total number of the province 16% of rural households benefiting from a population of nearly 500 million people, up 470 million cubic meters of annual production of methane in the development of the energy capacity of 340,000 tons of standard coal equivalent to protect the forest area of 315 mu, the annual increase in revenue reached 1.5 billion yuan.
"We should Jinshanyinshan, but also Guanghui. "During the development of rural marsh gas and the combination of new rural construction, from a simple change of energy Expanded fuel slurry, full use of biogas residues, has played a "provinces" (Province Chai, low energy consumption, labor), the "three by" (fertility, increase productivity), "two less" (reducing pests, reducing investment), "clean" (clean) role in promoting agricultural production resulting from a natural base to build on additional resources and changes in energy consumption is primarily to maintain the harmonious development of man and nature, mainly by improving resource utilization, and promote sustainable development of agriculture and rural economy, especially Greener Mountain Lake Gan Po land and water, the sky bluer, more beautiful environment.
diversity of ecosystems biogas
"These years, I squirreling a "pig? Marsh? Food 'ecological model. pig manure into methane fermentation tank of gas for lighting and kitchen waste as fertilizer base, with biogas slurry of water, growing vegetables Choi Heung, a kind of fruit is sweet ah! "Ruijin City, Ping Ye Ye farmers Tsubosato favorite fishing smile. In recent years, 100% of household biogas leaves Ping Village, formed the basis of gas, a pool, Bar pigs, litter of rabbits, a pond, a group of chickens, a vegetable greenhouse, a strain of bamboo, a fruit garden "of the" eight "model Economic Development of garden, because the quality is good, environmentally friendly, can sit in a better price, just replace chemical fertilizers, manure planting season of 185 acres of greenhouse vegetables without pollution, mu net income reached 12,000 yuan a year.
With the "pig? Marsh? Depth fruit model "for the areas of agricultural economics, the province is not only constituted a mountain forestry, Standard mountain fruit forest hog mountain 'and'? Fruit? Marsh? Grazing "eco-agricultural system, swine and poultry extended cattle, from the fruit extended to vegetables, flowers, pearls food, fish and so on. Meanwhile, the pigs were raised beads, beads fall duck, rice-duck ecological agricultural model is also a large part of the province to promote the initial formation of southern Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Eastern grazing marshes fruit mainly grazing marshes in central Jiangxi vegetables, livestock, wetlands based foods, north Jiangxi grazing marsh fish, livestock, raising a total pattern of beads based. So far, the province of implementation of the "pig? Marsh?" Fruit orchard area by more than 30%, combined with the fruit industry, livestock more 30 million households.
In recent years, resources, and energy constraints on economic development in China is growing. Jiangxi Province, except nonferrous metals, fresh water resources and ecological resources have certain advantages, other resources are relatively insufficient. So take the path of the circular economy, to develop "pig? Marsh? Fruit" ecological farming model, can be formed to promote agriculture marsh, swamp to promote a virtuous cycle of agriculture, resource conservation, waste utilization Agricultural, to accelerate the Farmer "Green Corridor".
Gas, "own" the new campaign
September 6 to participate in the province of marsh gas in rural areas about the role of delegates in the village of Jian County, Phoenix Zhenping blocks to see the village life of the Jichi built, the area of the pool waste recycling, wastewater treatment lagoon. Over the years, the village is the village of garbage, sewage and piles of straw, smoked desperately. Now, thanks to the promotion of development of the rural sanitation project template, the appearance village village Yung New Look: clean house, no village garbage; own pastoral, agricultural waste any field; drinking water, wastewater will not be part of the river, the energy clean, use baking can not smoke.
This year, the provincial department of agriculture in the province 17 villages selected for the villages drivers, rural marsh gas construction and implementation of sanitation projects in rural areas focused on building green homes, the model village through the implementation of solid waste, wastewater zero emissions, the use of waste production, promote access universal clean energy, the establishment of the management of rural property, concentrated field of waste collection, purified water, land farm and gardens, control agricultural nonpoint source pollution to find a new way, change the "three wastes" (feces, straw, waste) for the "three-hat" (fuel, feed, fertilizer), a decrease of the source of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other agricultural inputs use.
Clean rural demonstration project is a new entry point for rural development. Biogas as a link through, mixing kitchen, toilets, changing circle, the strengthening of "pig? Marsh? Fruit" ecological model for villages as unit base, the promotion of human and animal faeces, straw, crop waste and sewage to fertilizer, fuel, conversion food resources, the realization of economic, ecological and social benefits in order to promote their homes, pastoral, clean water and energy.
Vinyl record cleaning with steam


Vinyl Records Cleaning

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vinyl records cleaning
Clean the London club dubstep Phenom LD burst onto the scene as a creator of music and DJ under four years and saw his meteoric rise from stock.
Cleaning my new found vinyl records