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Ink Stains On Carpets

April 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stains on carpets
mysterious stains on the carpet !!!!?

My room has pale carpet, a kind of medium sand-colored semi. This also happens arrived in the corridor. I never eat or drink on the floor here, I've never written in black ink while sitting on the floor, have ever spilled something and did not wear shoes very dirty. However, the shadow, mysterious tan and black spots. What are they? Why? Can they be removed? We live in a humid climate. I can honestly say that there was no release because of drink some foods are prohibited. They appear blotchy, like watercolor

Sounds like something coming from under the carpet. Do you live where it is moist enough to be mold or mildew? Can the floor under the carpet is wet for some reason? Perhaps a flood the bathtub or toilet running more? Alternatively, the carpet could have been placed on something that bleeds through the carpet? guessing, of course, but if nothing has been spilled on it from above, it seems to be something that comes from below or above more about it. Bert

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