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Cleaning Water Softener Tank

August 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning water softener tank
I have one gallon fresh water tank of 60 years and my fish become more viscous and die?

I recently bought two Tiger Guam barbs 8 and 1 red tailed shark I also had a sucker fish are all dead except guam's. When others are dead, I noticed they were covered with mud clear. They do not all die at the same time it's been over two weeks. I added water softener to protect their ladders and cleaned the filter. I also replaced 25% of the water. I do not want my two fish still die, but I'm afraid to do something for the water, afraid I'll kill them. Does anyone have ideas on what this might be and how I can fix it. PS I bought the fish from Petco and they told me to add water to mine when I transferred fish. I've never had these problems before. I'll get water tested today. I also want to spend my tank this witch would mean emptying but I know that may shock the fish ideas on how to do it.

Did you cycle your water before adding fish? Have you tested your water? 95% of all the problems with the fish, disease and death are the result of poor water quality. Fish and do not just die. We kill them with our negligence and ignorance. While buying sick fish is always an option, especially when it is bought in chain stores, which should never do is usually a higher probability that there are reservoirs of water "quality the house that killed them. Changing the water rights now would be the best thing you can do and you have to do a water change of 50% immediately. You should test your water every day while biking and make changes 20-30% water, most likely, every day, to keep your settings water in a safer play until the water cycle. But the problem is, you are in a very difficult place. Your fish are sick because of bad water and you need to get rid of the bad water, but you must also treat your fish. Medicating your fish stop tank cycling, because it kills all bacteria good with evil, but you must take medication first. Once you heal, you will then begin your cycle. Slime your fish diseases. Different types of parasites as Costia (Ichtybodo) Cyclochaeta (Trichodina), and Chilodonella can cause these symptoms, but they are treated the same way. Once the disease has spread to the gills, it is at its most lethal, and could be fatal to fish concerned. You need to take medication with a product containing formaldehyde. I think doing research and reading on the nitrogen cycle, how although the cycle of a tank, how to make changes to clean water and how to clean a tank, filtration and proper techniques appropriate power. Do not buy any more fish until you get your water stabilized and that it is safe. There is a saying, "Taking care of water and the fish take care of them." It is true. Do not move your tank at this time. Get the treated fish and return to good health and have fully recycled water, or, unfortunately, wait until they die, before moving tank. Save as much of the old, the water cycled in buckets and put all your plants, gravel, filter and decorations in the water saved, and your fish. Keeping the water old and all these things keep moist beneficial bacteria lives that you do not need to recycle. Move the tank, put everything back, and you have a tank fully recycled and ready to go with very little stress fish.

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Water Cleaning Process

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water cleaning process

Process of cleaning a marble fireplace needs your care

If you have a fireplace in limestone, then you should be very careful about cleaning it. limestone fireplace methods is considered the most elegant aspect of your home and connected, but when it comes the cleaning of marble fireplaces, there are a variety available for you to choose. Since the limestone is soft, it can easily be cut and molded into a beautiful design of chimneys.

limestones are soft and delicate texture, so it requires the utmost care when cleaning a limestone fireplace. You should try to erase the stains and marks, which remove the color of limestone chimneys later.

During cleaning a limestone fireplace, you must remember a few crucial points. They are as follows: –

* You must clean the spots, which have played a role important to your long limestone fireplace. Use a cloth that is impermeable to water and soaked in a cleaning solution.

* In case you have stains on your chimney liquid limestone like tea or coffee, then try to clean thoroughly with a soft waterproof.

* The easiest way to clean a chimney is to use a dry cloth impervious to water contaminated moistened with detergent. Therefore, clean with a dry cloth.

* It is advisable to use a fireplace of limestone, which is chemically sealed.

* There are several products available in markets that are crucial for cleaning the chimney. Make sure that sealant that you choose are very strong and reliable.

* You should never use the bathroom cleaners to clean a limestone fireplace, because they react strongly on the surface of the limestone.

* When cleaning a fireplace use a sponge soaked in rain water in a liquid dishwashing with a small amount of water. You should never try a coating on the limestone, as it would create ugly marks on the surface of a fireplace. Therefore, during the cleaning of a home you should not use chemical detergents hard.

Another natural stone used in construction a fireplace is marble. These marble tiles days is a popular choice among the owners of many. Generally, marble tiles are also used for interior and exterior floor.

In this case, you witness a serious injury on your marble floor, then you also have an option to seek help from organizations well equipped with marble restoration procedures. Marble restoration process help to find an effective solution to restore the original texture of a marble floor. Regular polishing of natural stone such as granite can provide a crystalline appearance the surface. Polishing is one of the most useful critical to maintain the natural texture and color of granite. For more information on the process of cleaning a limestone fireplace, do you connect to

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Cleaning Hard Water Stains

July 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning hard water stains
Have you found an effective way to clean hard water stains and soap scum from the bathtub?

Already tried foam bubbles Marine and jelly. The spots are too deep. Thank you for advice.

use Orange Glo wood cleaner i it works better than any room bathroom I've ever used

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Cleaning Water Damage

March 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning water damage

Facts about the restoration of water damage

The recovery process of water loss before the step is called restoration of water damage. There is no established model declared by the Government of the United States on the recovery process water damage. However, IICRC and RIA, the certification bodies who are renowned not mentioned the procedure for restoration water damage.

Both methods cited by IICRC and RIA are very different from each other. However, most companies S500 monitor, the method of IICRC water damage restoration.

S500 Water Damage

The restore process very water is based on practical experience and after much research and extensive research and collection of facts and figures come to life.

All industries and communities that have contributed to the collection of information are the regional associations, national and international working for the restoration industry disaster, the scientific community, schools, cleaning equipment manufacturers, formulators chemicals, insurance industry, the trades and industries much more experienced. The best part of the method of repairing damage Water S500 is that as and when technology evolves, the method is also changing as a result of processing and testing procedures.

The method does not teach S500 industries towards the restoration of water damage. It provides practical standards that are required for restoration water damage. The basic principles on which the process of restoration of water depends on the method are provided by S500 damage restoration water.

Each restoration work, however, should be considered in terms of its procedure and scope. All rules and regulations established by the country should be followed and the latest technology and most innovative supports to the place itself must be considered during water damage repair.

Given that each requirement of repairing water damage can be changed, and the steps and guidelines must be followed accordingly; whether for houses, buildings, or any other structure.

Restoration process water damage

The process title = " CTRL + click to follow link"> "Water damage repair> involves various steps as follows:

· Loss Assessment and Evaluation: First a document is made specifying the matters that I affected by water damage. The Blue Book refers to the value of equipment lost prices.

· Categories Water Water Damage: Water damage may be water damage clean, gray water damage, water damage and black. The least problematic is clean water damage, while the most dangerous is the damage blackwater.

Drying · Principles: The principles IICRC ensure that companies comply with the verification of quality and compliance with standards and safe methods that the results of healthy lifestyles.

· Review Structural and Content: This is nothing moving around the materials that are damaged by water such as furniture, books, electronics, etc.

· Monitoring: Once work done, everything is controlled, whether a wall, etc. piece of furniture for moisture, temperature conditions, etc.

· Final inspection and completion: After the monitoring process is complete and all standards established by the IICRC are maintained for the restoration water damage, the equipment is included, since the process is complete.

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Water Stain Removal On Wood

March 12, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

water stain removal on wood
A few questions laundry Re: removing stains?

Ok, I just want to see if anyone out there knows any good products, even natural remedies for these tasks: * Crafts / Painting wood on a skirt that is made of a type of polyester mesh material * blood on my pillowcase * Cotton mussels on a dress made of stretchy cotton fabric * unidentified orange / yellow spots on several cons me into the clothes of the children of friends! Someone told me lemon juice will get the mold of the dress, I tried that, but it was not all. I also tried a few brands prewash spray on stain and I think it was white king powder (mix with water to make dough), but they have no work is

For blood on a cotton pillow case: apply hydrogen peroxide and cold water. Do not expose to water warm until the blood is completely gone. Mould will probably not get out. Try bleach. Orange / yellow spots on the hand could Me Downs be due to his age. Start with cold water and experiment with other items one at a time. There are books on bp how to clean almost everything. Painting? depends on the type of paint. If it's water based on your property. If this is not the solvent cleaning required will probably destroy the polyester.

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