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Carpet Stain Removal Oil

January 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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We used an industrial oil-based cleanser graffiti on the carpet, how do I remove it?

We had a little "light crystal" stain on the carpet that we have tried to remove with nail polish remover, bleach, laundry detergent, and a steam cleaner. Nothing had stain. So, my "father" asked a concierge to his work which could remove it, so he brought spot removal products. He paid graffiti remover "product on the stain and soaked into the carpet and tried to clean with a Brillo pad. Now not only can we not get the cleanest out (because it is oil based), but it stinks up the apartment and we get sick, since the opening of all windows not working not de-fumigation. How can we remove this "Clean" on the carpet and get rid of the smoke? We are more concerned with the task we was once trying to fix!

You can not get something like this at all. The oil-based products is probably all length in the subfloor. Try white paper towels and put a weight on top to absorb all the liquid on the carpet. It will take many tries and towels replaced often. The weight you put on something that should be oil-based cleaner hard won t. Be ready to buy new carpet if possible or lose deposit. I don t think that something will come out this .. I wish you GL

Carpet Stain remover test with oil lift