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Stain Remover For Blood

May 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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blue jeans with blood stains ..?

How do you remove stains on jeans, like the blood, for example? I know that water Bleach will not help thats b / c for whites only. Do you know any difficult stain, that if you do buy it and how it is? Thankkkksss (:

I removed the blood stains from blue jeans with "Spray and Wash Stain Remover" stick. It looks a glue stick that much more important. Rub it in really well, then wash. It worked very well. I think it's $ 5-10 when I bought it. Is in Canada. Have not been able to find it. I called the manufacturer and they said the package has been modified. Viewing around the stain in the driveway of the offer laundry. I hope you succeed!

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