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Antique Wood Cleaning

June 12, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

antique wood cleaning

Antique lamps â € "Treen, Fine, dark and handsome

There's nothing like the luster polished antique wood, lovingly polished with       beeâ € ™ s wax for the past one hundred, or even, in the past two hundred years. During this long period time a rich patina is left, the fine luster polished wood. This patina may never be successfully replicated and is the result of oil elbow, wax and time!

Treen is a generic name for small and medium-sized objects handmade functional wood. Thus Treen is distinct furniture, chairs, tables, etc.

The word itself is ancient! and is in fact an English word in the Middle of the 13th century, when Treen means tree or wood. The word is still in common use to describe small objects made by hand turned wood. A wood, of course, being the main raw material for the common domestic objects with turning and carving skills are key.

A few examples of Treen existed since the 15th century with coins the oldest having been made in the 19th century. They were made before the introduction of cheap goods, metal and finally, plastics. The 19th century progressed â, â € the Treen € œold fashioned pieces have been rejected for the goods news.

The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co illustrate a very middle of the 19th century, English, urn-shaped, lamp. The fruitwood lamp on a short pedestal and standing on a circular base, wood fruit, cherry wood. fire probably installed with a bronze-plated This impressive cap. gold lamp base with a height of 11 € / 28cm and a circumference of 21 € / 53cm, was shot in the hand from a single length of wood of fruit! Circa 1850.  Overall height (including shade) 23 "/ 58.5 cm.

The lamp with a polished surface, the end result of a soft cloth and wax for the last 150 years. The lamp is, of course, very functional, with a own naked form, admired by designers and collectors.

It is worth recalling that antiques were made by masters craftsmen and in Todai € ™ s world, handcrafted products such as these have virtually disappeared.

antiques reflect not only quality work from an earlier date, but increase in value, while a contemporary piece depreciates each year.

It is a pleasure to own something that is unique and beautiful, while remaining a useful asset to a family. antiques, such as table lamps, can do much for a modern interior, adding a much more hot when integrated a dà © cor.  There is often a surprise to discover how â € € EOTA HomeAbout an antique piece can look in an interior modern.


The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co specialized in lighting antique table lamp with a range in line of over 100 unique, vintage and antique lamps on view.

The lamps are supplied ready wired for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

You are invited to visit their website at

Antique Japanese Bowl – Wood Maki-e Lacquer Lidded Owan


Cleaning Old Wood Furniture

May 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning old wood furniture
My 7 year old neutered cat has started spraying? We have 3 other cats. What can be wrong with him?

We have 4 cats, 2 males, 2 females. Males are 7 years and females 4 years. All are indoor cats. All are spayed and neautered. Males are Siamese and females are "Mutts" (sweet as ever!). One of our men (our "alpha" male), just from spraying all over the house, especially on wooden furniture. He always used the litter and we had no problem with him before. It is a mystery, and disturbing. Our home is very clean and there is nothing that has changed to cause this problem. There is no evidence of a urinary tract infection or other problem health. Someone else had this problem and has it been solved? I want to enjoy every person has to offer help before take a trip to the vet! Thank you!

if it has not been to the vet, I do not exclude the possibility UTI or kidney infection. I ask him checked before assuming a behavior problem. Has there been any fights with other cats lately? This can be cause. if an outdoor cat who scored outside your house and you stepped into the brand and the smell in the house … This could cause the behavior. Have you had someone else dog or a cat visit lately? It is a cause of spraying as well. but Please take him to the vet and rule out infection in the first place. cats are great to hide the pain and illness.

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Stain Removal Alcohol

June 19, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Stains on carpets

As the owner of carpet without fail you will face spots. With the knowledge that you learn by reading this article, you can remove most stains immediately and prevent permanent damage to your carpet. Some carpet cleaners such as peroxide, ammonia, bleach or alcohol can carpet or fabric. Home remedies such as peroxide can easily be replaced by commercial stain removers such as Spot Shot or Oxi Clean.

bloodstains on the carpet can be removed using hydrogen peroxide. Pour hydrogen peroxide the stain and allow it to sit. Dry the area flush with water. Vinegar also be the case and is more useful for fabrics such as upholstery.

coffee stains on the fabric, upholstery or carpet can be removed using vinegar and liquid detergent. Wet area and apply the detergent, rub gently. Soak in the carpet detergent and rinse with water. Use warm water, white vinegar and a sponge the area dry with a clean cloth. You'll need to wash the area again with clean water and dry again with a clean cloth. There also many treatment products that are useful for up coffee stains, such as Oxi Clean.

Vomit requires immediate action otherwise odors can be defined in the padding of the carpet. Promptly remove that much of the vomit as you can not rub the carpet. Then apply water and dilute the stain. You can use salt, vinegar or baking soda mixed with water to help with this step. Then apply liquid detergent on the region. Rinse the area again with cold water. If you're still having problems with the pick stain or odor of a cleaning product Oxi Clean as Commercial.

Red Wine may be removed from carpets First, soak the spill with a cloth or towel paper. detergent and use hydrogen peroxide mixed with cold water and blot the stain. More sponge until the stain is lifted to apply warm water and dab the area. Use a clean cloth or towel to blot the area dry. Visit our website for local cleaning and additional support, title = "Spotting on carpets Tampa"> spots on the carpet of Tampa.

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