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Cleaning Windows Xp For Dummies

May 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning windows xp for dummies
Microsoft Windows 7 help please?

Okay, I'm a little artificial Microsoft Windows if I need help. I currently a desktop PC Windows XP that I want to upgrade to Windows 7. It has all the equipment needed for Windows 7 32-bit (2GB RAM, 512 MB graphics card etc etc.) I just a few simple questions about upgrading and recovery / reinstallation. All my files and applications on my XP on my laptop and on a disc backup, which is good. I am aware that the upgrade from XP to 7 is a clean install rather than upgrade. Does this mean that during installation or before the hard drive must be formatted or not install it for you? I'm not losing any pampered on my hard drive and I want the hard disk drive for cool and feel like new. Another issue: the recovery / reinstallation. If my PC was a bit down (with Windows 7 is installed) I could use the installation disk even used in early reinstall Windows 7 on your computer?

Hello friend, to make it work this instruction: – Start your PC (press F2 or Delete to display the BIOS setup – Configure your camera setting, you must first CD-Rom priority – Save and Exit Setup – Insert the Setup Windows 7 – you will notice (Press any key to boot from CD ROM), press any key – as follow installation procedure – on the installation, you will see a party contains your driver disk (C: and D:) – Click the drive you want to delete – click the drive you remove and then format, then click New, and insert the size of the partition, select the driver you want to install Windows 7 – Next – follow the setup, no worries of your Windows 7 is now on the installation process. Yes, you can use the installer even if you reinstall or recover. Good luck with your installation. I know you can just follow my instructions. :) For more guidance, I'll share a link. Http: / /

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