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Top 10 Cleaning Tips

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top 10 cleaning tips

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HOW TO REMOVE WINE FROM ARTICLES: Salt is the best ingredient is in the kitchen to remove or the like, from tablecloths or carpets. Pour over the place of wine stain to thoroughly cover discolored and soak of all alcoholic beverages, then repeat if necessary, after brushing all the salt first saturated. In this way, the fabric or carpet will restored in its new condition.

To remove stains from fabrics.

The tartaric acid salt or lemon, will quickly remove patches of white muslin or linen. Put less than half a teaspoon of salt or acid in a teaspoon of water, wet stain with it and putting it in the sun for an hour once or twice wet with cold water for a time, if not altogether remove, repeat acidic water, and place in the sun.

STAINLESS STEEL and chromium:

Good for pots, sinks and stove tops. Rub the surface clean with a damp cloth and baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent general cleaner for removing many stubborn stains, including stains from tea, and can be safely used on stainless steel, chrome, and ceramic.

Squeaky Clean
Microbes and the kitchen are as a married couple, always close.
Microbes really like the kitchen, especially sponges, cloths and
wells. You can disinfect all three by soaking sponges and
dishcloths for 5-10 minutes in the sink in a solution of ¾ cup
Clorox Bleach and one gallon regular water. Rinse
water and let dry.

You can use the same solution to disinfect food spills,
refrigeration doorknobs.

Touching surfaces that have germs on them, such as valves, may
bacteria spread, cutting boards, tables, telephones, switches,
anything touched by humans, animals.


Choose a cloudy day for wash, never in direct sunlight.
Do not use soap. Mix ½ cup ammonia, ½ cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of cornstarch corn in a bucket of water. To spice up your window, use ½ cup of antifreeze in a liter of water. Sponge and wipe the glass with newsprint.

Stain removal

Before washing, it is essential that all stains be removed.
Sometimes, soap or hot water will put a stain and make its removal

Be fatal.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies can aggravate your allergies and
have long term effects on health. You can save on your household bills with very good results using less toxic substances.

Ø Ammonia – cuts grease, cleans windows, floor wax strip off.

Ø Baking soda – cleans, deodorizes, polishes and removes stains.

Ø Bleach – whitens practically anything, removes mold.

Ø Cornstarch – cleans and deodorizes carpets and rugs.

* Carpet Stains: Use a solution of half water, half vinegar.

* Colored shirt or blouse: Just a little water and cornstarch will remove.

* Grass stains: Dampen stain with cold water and rub with plain

bars of soap. (One without moisturizers). The stain should come

right. Then wash normally.

* A toilet bowl: Tang use, or sprinkle baking soda into the bowl.

Drizzle with vinegar. Scour with a toilet brush. Cleans and


* Basin, tub and tile: rub the surface to be cleaned with a half

lemon dipped in Borax. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

* Fix plaster walls: with white glue and baking soda. Try it

crack will disappear in a few minutes.

Bay Stain, place the stained area over a saucepan and pour boiling
The water on it from a height of about 2 feet order to establish the task with vigor.

Dip the stained area from top to bottom in hot water until the stain is removed. If the stain persists, use bleach.

Peach Stains, are not easy to remove. Do not wipe
hands to fishing-spots on a briefcase, a towel or an apron. Stretch
stain on a pot of hot water and apply the bleach with a
dropper. Do not let him stay too long in contact with
fibers. bleach rots even cotton and linen. Apply
oxalic acid solution, to neutralize the soda and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Several applications may be necessary.

Tea and coffee stains.
Follow the same procedures as for berry stains above.

Blood and gravy.

Cleaning Tips

Never put in hot water as that sets the stain. Soak both in cold water. Scrub with soap and washing. A paste of raw starch mixed with cold water to remove these stains on flannel, blankets and heavy. Repeat until stain disappears.

Egg-stains, wash in cold water and hot water and soap.

Mix water 50-50 white vinegar. Ideal for stubborn carpet

Wooden furniture to remove water spots, DAB white toothpaste
on the spot. Allow the dough to dry, then gently polish
with a soft cloth.


In court, the lawyer asked the farmer to continue on the witness stand, "On the scene of the accident, have you told the officer that you had never felt better in your life? "

"It's true." Replied the farmer.

"Well, then, how is it that you are now claiming you were seriously injured in auto My client has hit your car.

The farmer explained. "When the police arrived, he went to my horse, who had one leg broken, and he was shot. Then he went to Rover, my dog, who was beaten up and shot him.

When he got asked how I felt, I'm under
circumstances, it was a wise choice of words to say, I've never felt better in my life. "

Food Information, TIPS, during storms.

Parties of the United States and Canada have been affected by disasters, fires in California floods in British Columbia, snow and sleet storms in the eastern United States and Canada. Much will not be able to treat homes against flooding. Here is some information to help you get through some problems.

NOTE: To prepare for a disaster to go to my archives on my site and read my article "Ring of Fire".

Refrigerator will keep food safely cold for about four hours if unopened. A full freezer will hold the temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if half full) and the door remains closed.

Discard perishable foods in refrigerator such as meat, poultry, fish, soft cheeses.

Food can be frozen if it still contains crystals ice or 40 ° F or below when checked with a food thermometer.

Never taste a food to determine its safety!

Obtain dry or block ice to keep your refrigerator and freezer as cold as possible if the power will be absent for an extended period of time. Fifty pounds of dry ice should hold an 18 cubic foot freezer full for two days.

If the power has been for several days, check the temperature of the freezer with a thermometer. If the appliance thermometer reads 40 ° F or below, the food is safe to refreeze.

If a thermometer has not been stored in the freezer, check each package of food to determine its safety. If the food still contains ice crystals, the food safety.

Discard any food that is not in a waterproof container if there is no chance that he came into contact with flood water. Discard cutting boards of wood, plastic utensils, baby bottle nipples and pacifiers.

Completely wash all metal pans, ceramic dishes and utensils that have been in contact with flood water with hot soapy water and sanitize by making boiling in clean water or immersing them for 15 minutes in a solution of 1 tablespoon unscented, liquid bleach per gallon of drinking water.


The author of this article is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness or be held responsible for any loss or damage arising out of or in any way related to the information or the use thereof.

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