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Tv Screen Cleaning Cloth

February 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

tv screen cleaning cloth
What you use to clean the screen of a LCD / Plasma TV?

I used glass cleaner and a rag dry and clean cotton, but the results are disappointing … there are marks all over. Thank you.

Like anything in your home, the TV screens get dirty with fingerprints and dust and require periodic cleaning. Keep your screen clean television is essential to ensure a sharp image. However, cleaning the front of your TV is not something that should be left the housekeeper. The use of certain cleaning products and solvents can damage the front of your television screen. Precautions particular must be taken to ensure that your television screen is cleaned properly. Each type has different TV steps for a good cleaning. If you're not sure what type of TV you own, consult your user manual television to ensure that you use the right cleaning method. In direct vision – Retired TV sight can be cleaned with glass cleaner and a towel paper. The new tubes which can contain any special coatings, such as anti-glare coating, should be cleaned with a damp cotton cloth. If Not sure if you have special coatings, it is better to be safe and use the damp cloth. CRT Rear Projection – Before you begin cleaning, you must determine if you, or you do not have a screen protector. A screen protector is a hard plastic cover on the front of the TV screen. If you can not say, give the front of the TV a slight blow. Another way of saying, is to check the peaks in the area of the screen. If you can feel ridges on the screen, then you have no protector screen. Rear Projection TVs without a screen shield require a particular type of cleaner and rag. Those documents are available for the purchase of your nearest local television service. Those who are a shield screen should be cleaned with a dry cloth or soft cloth. If very dirty, a mild soap can be used. Do not use paper products such as paper towels to clean the screen protector. Products paper can easily scratch the surface of the shield. shields the screen may have a tendency to streak while cleaning. If this occurs, use a dry cloth and rub the screen in a small circular movements. Microdisplay Rear Projection – All televisions have a kind of micro screen protector on the front. These TVs should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Microdisplays with a glossy screen protector can be cleaned with a mild soap if extremely dirty. Those with a flat screen shield should not be cleaned with a cleaning agent. Do not use paper products to clean the front of the television because they may scratch the surface of the screen. Plasma – Plasma owners must clean up the front of the TV with a soft damp cloth. Use a mild soap for heavy cleaning is acceptable. The use of cleaning agents could break the heavy coatings on the screen, and paper products can scratch the front of the TV. Flat screen LCD – Be careful with the dishes LCD TVs! Use a soft damp cloth to clean the screen LCD, then dry immediately with a soft cloth. Do not press too hard on the screen during cleaning. This could cause serious damage to the screen. Do not use cleaning solvents, such as window cleaners or soaps to clean the LCD screen. Paper products can scratch the front of the screen. If you have a pet or a child rubbing something on the screen that you feel could stain or damage, contact your local service center television for help. When dusting the TV furniture, dust with a damp cloth or mild detergent. paper products can scratch the surface gloss cabinets, to avoid paper products. heavy cleaners may deprive the finish TV cabinets over time. When speaker grilles cleaning, dust with a dry cloth. Wet cleaners could stain or damage the grille cloth.

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