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Us Products Cleaning

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us products cleaning

Product positioning and merchandising in decision Dealer

Positioning and Merchandising in the outlet are a part of a submission process products to consumers. Good positioning is the key to success in selling the product. It is important to understand that all locations are good outlet for the product specific.

Usual "good" position in the output are:

– Near the entrance (or in front of the entrance cases)

– In front sides of the door, not behind

– Concurrent before

– In areas where consumers spend most of their time when purchasing (hot spots)

– In the eye level of the consumer (not too high or too low)

– Next to the cash

After Getting the "right" position, the next thing we should take care of size. The size of the space means that our products occupy on the grid in terms of turnover compared to the competition. The space dedicated to our product must be equal or higher the share of sales of our product on the market. It is "selling space" rule. The rule is simple and allows the retailer, but also the supplier of the significant market share.

In some cases, customers (owners of the output) does not respect this rule, for some reason whatever. For example, they give too much space to slow the movement of products, perhaps because of high stockpiles due to low sales. The problem is that this product will not sell more proportional to the extra space given, at the same time a certain speed of other transportation products will no opportunity to sell full potential. The solution to this problem is the correct order, first. This means that we have problems with the space given to Our client is our product since the product is overloaded with slow-engine, we can try to educate our customers to place orders for all the right products, proportional their sales and their potential and devote large space to the right on the shelves according to the sale of each brand, product or category.

Finally, when we have a good position and space for our product, it is time for the merchandising of products. There are several definitions of Merchandising such as:

"Merchandising is efficient organization of the product in the place of purchase, with the aim to accelerate sales."

"Merchandising is a process exposing the product in danger of being bought. ":-)

the organization of effective product to apply the rule group for products on the shelf:

– Corporate power (all your company's products are arranged in the block, which give you the impact through synergy and visibility

– Space your UGS sales

– For the brand, sales in the flow of traffic (best-selling brands is the leader your block)

– Pack aligned vertically, the size of the different packing in terms of different temperature

– Price Tags placed, with visible price (with VAT included, shed, etc.) and the product code

Rule FEFO – (expires first in, first out). For products the life limit, which is customary for the consumer product, always place the product with his life remained in front of others.

– Promotional Posters

– Keep the product clean and in good condition

Who Merchandising? Primarily, the role of vendors responsible specific output, which means that the same person is selling the product, but also merchandising the product. In some cases, special dedicated person – Merchandiser is committed to doing only Merchandising. This is very common for companies that supply the bulk and sell-outs, so they can use Merchandiser stores large Supermarket / Hypermarkets only to make shelves and organizing products. This is justified for the points of sell-out enormous. Otherwise, the employees of this Super / Hypermarkets can not do the job good enough, because of other obligations.

Merchandising is different for business and the types of products. For example, merchandising and placement of television sets made differently from that of positioning Fast Move Consumer Goods (FMCG) like food, drinks, …

The benefits of good positioning are an increase in sales volume, increased the number of "unexpected" (impulse) purchases, thereby increasing the brand. All this brings additional benefits to society supply, but also for the retailer who deals with these products. This profit can be used as a story profit as a bargaining tool for a better position.

At the same time, the consumer has its own advantages of good positioning and merchandising: the ease of shopping, favorite brands at hand and less effort invested in research for specific products in the making.

Based on earlier, we can conclude that the property and effective positioning is beneficial for everyone involved in the transaction, the supplier, the retailer and customer.

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