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Water Stain Removal Leather

June 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

water stain removal leather
Leather Care .. stain?

I have a question ….. If the acetone removed the stains of leather, how do I mix a bottle of 100% acetone with water to clean my leather seats? Do I mix it with water or something else? Well, the question because I have an old, dried oil / grease on the leather car seats and I really do not want to lose them. I had a ball of cotton dampened with acetone and wiped away a small portion of the test, but the color of khaki leather began receiving deleted. The stain is gone, but I do not want leather to get ruined all because the husband does not know at all. I really appreciate it very much if you can help me with this little problem. I will not choose a best answer, because I found them both very useful. Thank you guys !!!!!!!

Hello acetone should never be used as a cleaner for leather. Leather Auto is usually the pigment coated leather and acetone will remove the finish with the leather color coat. Acetone is used in the restoration of leather to remove the finish and pigment. Oil / grease on the leather car should be placed on the surface unless he has had time to soak thorugh the pigment / finish and nothing on the surface should be cleaned with a Leather Cleaner foam. If the oil has infiltrated into the leather so it is not a cleaning problem and will require a professional product degresing degreasing before it can be rehabilitated and recoloured. Please do not approach this kind of repair yourself because it is not a DIY job and will be costly repair if it goes wrong. Hope this helps

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