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Water Stain Removal On Wood

March 12, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

water stain removal on wood
A few questions laundry Re: removing stains?

Ok, I just want to see if anyone out there knows any good products, even natural remedies for these tasks: * Crafts / Painting wood on a skirt that is made of a type of polyester mesh material * blood on my pillowcase * Cotton mussels on a dress made of stretchy cotton fabric * unidentified orange / yellow spots on several cons me into the clothes of the children of friends! Someone told me lemon juice will get the mold of the dress, I tried that, but it was not all. I also tried a few brands prewash spray on stain and I think it was white king powder (mix with water to make dough), but they have no work is

For blood on a cotton pillow case: apply hydrogen peroxide and cold water. Do not expose to water warm until the blood is completely gone. Mould will probably not get out. Try bleach. Orange / yellow spots on the hand could Me Downs be due to his age. Start with cold water and experiment with other items one at a time. There are books on bp how to clean almost everything. Painting? depends on the type of paint. If it's water based on your property. If this is not the solvent cleaning required will probably destroy the polyester.

How to remove white stains from wood furniture


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