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Wedding Dress Cleaning Nyc

July 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

wedding dress cleaning nyc
At 18, want to do something AMAZING!?

Hello im turnign 18, and I want to do something nice and elegant. I was Haave 18 elegant in a wedding hall, but I wayyyyyyyyy to many friends and its going to cost so much. Part of the club would be good but People do not know how to act and you can not have fun never own few days now. I live in the suburbs, but want to go to New York to have fun. My idea so far is a 5 star dinner in Manhattan limo ride, but I want to do something else, I made a cocktail dress and heels and also a regular smart casual. I am also a boyfriend:-p whats sometihng I can do. I do not want to ask my mother a lot because im working a little job in the detail .. Please Helo My birthday is in 4 weeks! Thank you =)

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