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How to Customize Desktop?

Ok so I watched this YouTube video and this guy had no office programs such as were there are in general there was a rectangle in the bottom and it had to be icons in Internet Explorer, etc. How can I do that I like mine Gateway Windows on my computer How do I do that? IMAGE: content/uploads/2008/04/clean-desktop.jpg

While other answers are correct that this image is a Linux Ubuntu Desktop, you ** ** CAN get something similar in Windows using applications such that: – RocketDock – ObjectDock – Rainlendar – Rainmeter is a picture of Objectdock in action: Some Photos Rainmeter in action: http://farm4. Here are some screenshots of them work together: You can get more information here: Rainmeter: Rainlendar Rocketdock: Objectdock: Finally, you can go to a website that covers all these tricks:

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