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Window Cleaning Business Forms

June 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

window cleaning business forms

Revolutionary self-cleaning glass

What's this?

Imagine not having to put in much effort to keep your windows, skylights and glass doors clean? Many business owners believe that, despite its attractiveness, the buildings where glass is a central element is too high maintenance. Pilkington, through the development of new technologies has developed a glass product which uses natural elements to cleanse itself, ensure that the cost and hassle associated with the glass is no longer such a huge concern.

How does it work?

Pilkington ActivTM work on a second stage cleaning system. The first step is â € ~ Photocatalytic € ™, which means it is activated by sunlight. UV rays stimulate the coating on the glass, causing a chemical reaction that breaks organic dirt. The second phase is € ~ â € ™ hydrophilic, which means it needs water. Rainwater form a layer that goes down the window, removing loose dirt as it goes. Finally, the glass has been specially formulated for rapid drying, ensuring he is left without streaks. Like magic, your glass is left bright and clear with very little effort on your part.

What are the benefits?

Although there is an abundance of glass very effective cleaning products on the market, they are all still need manual labor. Much less is a maintenace the main advantages of assembling your home or business with self-cleaning glass. Cleaning, apart from being an argument can also be something of a dangerous enterprise. For many of gliding atop a ladder to reach perilous stretch marks incredibly distant, is a recipe for disaster. Pilkington self-cleaning glass is also an economical choice, because ultimately it saves time, energy and money that would have been dedicated to maintaining your glass. Pilkington has a wide range of products offering various benefits, such as heat, noise control, design and solar controlled glass, helping to create an optimal environment for work or play.

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