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Window Cleaning Business Startup

February 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

window cleaning business startup

New invention for cleaning the windows, we are looking for investors!

Welcome to the window washing system!


Imagine yourself! Sat (based) on your couch and watch your windows are clean. Hey Yes, just by pressing the switch on / off or remote. Whether a building, a skyscraper, an airport, hotel, restaurant, a sign (banner) Highway and I spent a few examples … We found a solution which reduces a considerable number of accidents, time (weather) and money. I invented a windshield washer system; In 10 seconds your windows shine with cleanliness. We are seeking investors or serious partner. How many home computer? And, how many windows per house? I think the answer is phenomenal. We have a product will revolutionize the window cleaning business!

Window Washing System eliminates the need for basic scaffold window washing crews for this purpose, thereby reducing labor costs and the prevention of accidents and interruptions in the flow of pedestrians associated with this form of maintenance.

Window Washing System keeps windows looking clean and clear for a prolonged time and accelerates the process of cleaning hard to reach windows.


At present, the outer surfaces windows of high-rise building must be accessible for cleaning using scaffolding or bosunchairs. These devices can be used during periods of bad weather and can also be very dangerous, even during the calm, sunny days.

In many cases, their use may result in the need to complete a good portion of the sidewalk below, thereby interfering with the overall accessibility of the structure. WWS was designed as a solution to these problems.

The housekeeping staff or maintenance of a building and the owners home can safely operate this mechanism from within. Therefore, this system could help reduce labor costs. In addition to license Windows to be cleaned more frequently and irrespective of inclement weather. It will help to reduce insurance costs.

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