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Window Cleaning Business Tips

April 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

window cleaning business tips
Boyfriend own friend & Gardening starting / window cleaning business. In need of ideas for building a customer base?

Is there anyone who has his own window cleaning / gardening business? My partner and his friend decided to create their own garden / window cleaning business. They have lots of experience. I have a few ideas for drumming up Custom and building a base of regular customers. Can anyone help? I printed flyers for him through the door people. Can anyone suggest other ideas or advice? How easy it is to succeed in this kind of business? So I expect the custom is not so well in the winter months. Any ideas to keep the business during this time?

Posting flyers worked very well for me (cleaning windows) … Most of the time I would have people calling my cell phone before I even finished delivering all. Flyers are cheap to make as well. I did the original folder on my computer and then print it (2 per sheet A4 Flyers then hung in half). Then I went to Staples and got all the pictures copied hundreds of times … all for a few dollars. Make a "follow up "by actually knocking people you flyered can help win more customers, too. In addition, advertising in local newspapers was very effective, well that meant I ended up with customers all over the place rather than in specific areas … (It's a pain to drive 5 miles to serve a customer for $ 10 ..) of flyers, I could not target the private houses in an area that * I * wanted to work in. The weather was havoc with my schedule and the winter months have been gloomy … You need to earn a lot of "rainy day" money. There is certainly money to be earnt in the cleaning of glass – hard work, but money nonetheless. I am very FLYERS! :-) Cheap, yet very effective all the best in your new business! Maximus Decimus

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