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Windows Cleaning Supplies

July 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

windows cleaning supplies
How much does it cost to clean?? or how do you pay?

I will start Cleaning The House I will use my own cleaning products … with vacuuming, spot treatment, steam cleaning, upholstry cleaning, sweeping, cleaning, dusting, inside washing windows, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom … How much do you charge (if you own home) or how do you pay (if you have your house cleaned) in the same circumstances … Thank you!

I asked a question about not too long ago. It was, how much you pay a housekeeper to clean your house? Because I had a woman come to my door, which was not licensed or insured, could barely speak English and to request $ 20 an hour! Oh, and I provide all supplies. She said it would take about four hours to clean (and not even all my rooms) my house 3700 SF. And start a load or two of laundry while she worked, she wanted a "tip". So I asked my question. Oh, and I called two of his references and these women have confessed that they felt too pay – but for some reason, does not feel authorized to say anything about it. I had different answers and I think he had to do with the location of some of them. I'm ID. The answers I got were that people paid anywhere from $ 120 per visit to $ 45 per visit for appox. the same amount of hours worked. My own mother has a right to come and stay around 6:01 once a week and the maid calls him $ 35 per day and my mom just turns it up to $ 40 – And this lady does it all – everything must be done. After thinking all at the same time as the Labour Market current rates are about $ 10-12 per hour. But I am, and probably someone willing to pay 85 USD for the first thorough cleaning and 65 $ for a visit two weeks (let alone a week) regardless of the time it takes. And to clean my house, but I'm not saying every room needs the same level of attention of course. By the way, I never did call the woman to engage his services as I felt it was far too greedy. I hope this helps you as you go forward with your new business. Good luck!

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